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From the American Institute For Contemporary German Studies

• "In light of the upcoming fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Executive Director Dr. Jackson Janes discusses the need for repaired relations across the Atlantic and argues that both sides need to step up to the plate: the U.S. needs to take the EU more seriously as a partner, and the EU needs to better recognize its global responsibilities."

• Dr. Janes and Research Director Professor Stephen Szabo analyze "the potential that Chancellor Angela Merkel has in leading Europe and argue that understanding Merkel and the political and economic context in which she operates is important for anticipating what to expect from her chancellorship. To read this article, please click here (PDF)."

• Eric Heymann examines the controversy surrounding governmental subsidies to aircraft makers: "Boeing vs. Airbus: The WTO Dispute Neither Can Win." (PDF).

• Dr. Janes and Prof. Szabo talk to current DAAD/AICGS Fellow Dr. Gunther Hellman about German and American foreign policy developments. Podcast


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