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Baby Boom in Israel and Germany

Israel and Germany had a very different summer of 2006, but both the war with Hezbollah and the Soccer World Cup triggered a baby boom:

• "What do you do when you're huddled up inside a bunker, hoping you won't get hit with a rocket?" asks Blake Hounshell in Foreign Policy and then reports about a 35 percent jump in the number of women entering their fifth, sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

• World Cup: "Curtain-Raiser or Foreplay? Germans Surprise Themselves, Again" writes DW World:
So it happened. The Germans let loose. Eventually, they didn't win the World Cup, but they decided to bare it all anyway. And have fun like there was no tomorrow. Everybody did it in his or her own way. Within 90 minutes of the first match Germany played, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for example, went from being the queen of lifeless frowning to the people's princess of boundless jubilation. The rest of the country, apparently, watched, cheered and then got busy in the sack.
"More births nine months after such an event are surprising only at first sight," said Rolf Kilche, who is a head of a large birth clinic in Kassel. "The attitude to one's own body and the role of the hormones are often underestimated. If you're in a good mood, you are more likely to get pregnant." These days birth training courses in Germany are getting overbooked. Some hospitals are even planning to offer additional courses in March and April.
Blackout Baby "Boom": The energy provider RWE gave 300 euros ($385) to all the parents who conceived during the Muensterland power outages in November 2005. Nice PR for an all too powerful energy provider. There is increasing European pressure to make power networks independent and separate the energy companies transmission and production businesses, a process known as ownership unbundling, to reduce the influence of these companies.
A few more World Cups and blackouts and Germany's demographic problems are solved.smiley


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Anonymous on :

There was [b]not [/b]any Black out Baby Boom in Muenterland: Im Tagesspiegel stand dazu vor einigen Tagen: Mathies meint: Was uns das Münsterland lehrt: "Denn im kollektiven Gedächtnis des Okzidents kreist ja die Zwangsvorstellung, plötzlich eintretende Dunkelheit in Verbindung mit fortschreitender Kälte rege erotische Impulse und damit das Zeugen von Kinder an. Was immer da einmal gewesen sein mag- es ist nicht mher da. Jedenfalls ergab das die letzte Geburtenstatistik des Münsterlandes,......Nun heißt es, in den am meisten betroffenen Kreisen Borken und Steinfurt lägen die Geburtenzahlen für den Zeitraum neuen Monate danach _sogar geringfügig unter _jenen des Vorjahres. .......Möglicherweise sind sie besonder schreckhaft, wenn es dunkel wird, und interpretieren den Stromausfall als göttlichen Fingerzeig, fürderhin ein keusches Leben ohne Versuchung des Fleisches zu führen......"

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