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February's Posts in the Atlantic Review

Cooperation and Diplomacy:
Poor NATO-EU Relationship
Munich Security Conference: "Clear Messages Instead of Icy Silence"

Afghanistan and the "War on Terror"
The West's Problems in Afghanistan and Underestimating Al Qaeda
"A Little Bit Pregnant": Germany About to Send Hi-Tech Jets
Fixing the Afghanistan mission: The U.S. wants to try, but what about Europe?
Responding to "Al-Qaeda's Revival"
Twists and Turns in the Murat Kurnaz Affair


Productivity Growth and Foreign Trade balances in the EU and the U.S.

Transatlantic Foreign Policy Attitudes and Threat Perceptions

"Apartheid Cops" Instead of Winning Hearts and Minds


WSJ: "How the EU subsidizes trade with Iran"
Can the West Stop Iran from Building the Nuclear Bomb?

Culture and History:
German Movies Nominated for an Oscar
English Language Blogs about "Nutty Germans" and more
Do Not Get Fooled by Transatlantic Love
Black History Month in Germany

Super Bowl:
America is expected to win the Super Bowl
The Super Bowl's European Veterans

Positive US Media Coverage of Environmentalism in Germany
How Good or Bad is the US Media Coverage of Germany?

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