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Trusted Readers Make the Atlantic Review More Interesting and Faster

The Atlantic Review has always appreciated news tips and recommendations for interesting articles from our readers. Many readers have sent us very informative and relevant links. Now we have an easy tool to share the latest articles on issues of transatlantic importance in real time. Well, within the hour.

Trusted readers can bookmark an article, report, or essay at with the tag "ar," which obviously stands for Atlantic Review. Within an hour, the link to that article will automatically be published in the sidebar to your right under the title "Tips From Our Readers." The sidebar lists the 15 latest links.

We are not going to get lazy and rely on this constantly updated link list. Rather these community generated links help the Atlantic Review to react faster to new developments. It is an extra service to all readers: Quick reading recommendations on hot topics recommended by trusted readers and partners of the Atlantic Review. It's a community project to get our readers more involved in shaping the Atlantic Review.

The Atlantic Review will use many of these links for new blog posts, but this might take some time. If you don't want to wait, follow the community generated links in the sidebar now.

Would you like to contribute?
That would be great.

If you already have a account, start using the "ar"-tag and email Joerg your username:
Contact Form

If you do NOT have a account, you could register at and start bookmarking within minutes. Send Joerg an email with your username.

During the registration, provides a button for Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers. Whenever you come across something interesting for the Atlantic Review, all you need to do is click on that button in your browser and give that link the tag "ar" (without the quotation marks of course.) Within one hour your link will be published on our homepage.

If you do NOT want to set up a account, you can recommend articles by using our
Contact Form. If Joerg likes the article, he will tag it, so that it gets listed in the sidebar.

If you don't want to share your email address with us, that's okay. You can type anything you want in the email field in our Contact Form, but it must not be empty.

What articles are appropriate?
We appreciate articles, essays, reports etc on transatlantic relations in a very wide sense. This could be German-American relations or European-American relations (incl. Canada). A few outstanding articles on UK-US, French-US, Spain-US etc are appropriate as well, if they are not too specific, but relevant for the general European-American relationship.
NATO and the G8 are appropriate topics, as well as the UN, OSCE and WTO, if the focus is on transatlantic relations.

Of great interest are articles that discuss both the European AND American perceptions, positions, and policies concerning Iran, WMD proliferation, international terrorism etc. Outstanding articles that deal with only the German/European or only with the US views or policy concerning an issue of transatlantic importance are welcome as well, but ideally the articles should mention both sides of the Atlantic. A really good article about a domestic topic could be recommended as well.

If you are not sure, if an article is appropriate, you can tag it with "check-ar." Joerg will then decide, if the article shall be recommended in the sidebar or not.

Both English and German language sources are welcome.

There is not any pressure to regularly recommend links. We prefer quality over quantity.

Are you interested in contributing to the Atlantic Review?

Marian Wirth from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, who blogs in English at Pursuit of Serenity ("Random rants and musings, mostly related to Germany, the U.S. and/or China") and in German at Bissige Liberale ohne Gnade.
• David Vickrey from Maine, USA, who blogs in English at Dialog International: "German-American Opinion: Politics and Culture"
• Omar Abo-Namous from Lower Saxony, Germany, who blogs in German at Too Much Cookies Network: "Der krümelige Weblog - live aus der Parallelgesellschaft .."
• Daniel Fallenstein from Berlin, Germany, who blogs in German at Freunde der offenen Gesellschaft.
• Ben Perry from Berlin, Germany, who blogs at the group blog Anglofritz about the "transcontinental Zeitgeist" and at his personal blog Tranzformer.

Thank you, guys!
This list is to be
updated shortly. This is a brand new project started in early February 2007.

Got any questions?
Please post them in the comments.
We will try to explain anything in a better way and try to implement any recommendations to make this new feature even more interesting to you.


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