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Do Not Get Fooled by Transatlantic Love

Happy Valentine's Day! The Trumpet writes about transatlantic trade cooperation, including this unintentionally funny warning of the German-American "lover" relationship:
The Trumpet has for some years foretold of the rekindling of a romance between Germany and the U.S. This is based on a striking prophecy delivered by the Prophet Ezekiel, who describes a "lover" relationship between the two peoples. In the end, America will regret its having trusted so implicitly in a foreign nation rather than in God: Ezekiel warns that Germany, after gaining America’s trust and support, will betray America. To learn more about this biblical forecast, read our book Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet.
I think it is too late: Chancellor Merkel's charm is irresistable. The U.S. media has already fallen in love with Angela and can't think straight.  Recent headline in the godless New Republic "Angela Merkel, Superstar", which is a not so subtle reference to Jesus Christ Superstar. And the Hollywood liberals at the Los Angeles Times worship Merkel like an idol as well: "Germany's rising political star" (HT: Marian). The apocalypse is just a matter of weeks now. Get ready for the rapture!
The Trumpet is published by the "Philadelphia Church of God." Because I have signed up for Google Alerts for the keyword "transatlantic," I unfortunately receive the Trumpet's
frequent warnings of Germany all the time.
Seriously, Happy Valentine's Day! Best wishes to all transatlantic couples - married and unmarried. I don't have any statistics, but I have the impression that there are many such relationships.

Unrelated Endnote: Check out the new feature in our sidebar: "News tips from our readers." Community generated links to the latest articles on transatlantic affairs. Share the love ;-)


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Zyme on : I think this is a very interesting description of the national soul in Germany. The most important aspects I can fully agree with, which is the main reason why it will be very exciting to watch the development of our politics. The best example to prove this vision is to take a look at our current political system: Even while every major party has already taken care of any critical voices within itself and appeals to "Fraktionszwang" and "Parteidisziplin", they keep making the people more and more discontent about them. The bottom line would be: Disagreements within a party makes it look unable to govern here ("regierungsunfähig") and thus reduces support among the population. The most revealing point is the knowing smile journalists sometimes have on their face when asking powerful party leaders whether it isn´t normal in a democracy to disagree :)

Don S on :

Doesn't anyone else find this funny?!!!! The 'Trumpet' starts out relatively well - the first three paragraphs are fairly serious if uninspired prose. But the final paragraph is the puinch line to a good joke, whqt the prophet Ezekiel would have thought about Angela Merkel. My theory is that the Trumpet editorial board is in personal communication with the Prophet Ezekiel and indeed most of the saints and prophets, this communication being accomplished by means od a hat incorporating tin foil in it's design. Even so this is less of an accomplishment that that of the televangelist Oral Roberts - who spoke directly with God. This is all perfectly plausible of course. I personally recieve messages via my dental fillings, although in my case the messages aren't usually religious in nature. No, they are indoctrination by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (VRWC) which Hillary Clinton so courageously outed during the 90's.....

GM Roper on :

Joerg, we've been friends for at least a couple of years and yet I had no idea you could write satire this well. Very well done my friend, and thanks for the comment on my site. My love, Norma, isn't a transatlantic romance, but she is so very special. Here's to really good relations between our two countries, in spite of "The Trumpet's" prediction. Cheers George

Axel on :

Don, the people at "The Trumpet" really believe in a secret master plan for global world domination and Nazi Germany's resurrection, see [url=]From the Editor: A Special Warning: Germany’s Long History of Deadly Deceit[/url] So Angela Merkel is possibly the woman who rides the beast of Revelation 17. I'm really convinced... Darauf ein dreifach donnerndes Helau und Alaaf. Narrhallamarsch!

Don S on :

It's true, Axel. Many people in Germany and France ALSO believe in 'a secret master plan for global world domination and Nazi Germany's resurrection'. Only the progenitator changes. The Triumph apparently thinks it is dark forces in the EU whilst the French and Germans I refer to believe it's Dick Cheney. The outcome is always the same. Only the names (and the countries) change. Meanwhile I am trying to get the sound quality in my dental fillings improved so I can better understanfd my Master's instructions.... Sometimes they are quite difficult to make out.... ;)

Zyme on :

:D yeah I forgot to mention the religious part - what a crap :)

Fuchur on :

It's funny how these things happen. I just took a quick look at the Trumpet site, in order to inform myself about the impeding doom, when this little gem caught my eye (I quote literally, emphasis and all): "God says, I want you to set the POT upon the fire and [i]burn the pot[/i]!" Well, [i]that[/i] explains a lot, doesn't it?

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