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Double Standards

We appreciate the many interesting comments from our readers. The post "How Widespread is Anti-Americanism?" received 37 comments (as of February 2, 2007), which provide plenty of food for thought. Yank for example noticed in one of the comments:
Europeans are shameless of the way they are treating us. The kind of things Europeans say openly and publicly about Americans they wouldn't dare say about blacks, Muslims, or any other people. Their fellow Europeans wouldn't tolerate it. But their fellow Europeans love it when they talk that way about Americans. It's bigotry. And Europe is shameless of it.
And Fuchur observed:
One thing I notice again and again: The definition of "Europe" depends upon the point the commenter is trying to make: When there are problems in the French banlieux, then Europe has a problem with immigrants. But when Italy supports the Iraq war, well, then we´re merely talking about Italy. You can also frequently read that 'Europe' was against the Iraq war, conveniently ignoring that Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and many more actually supported the war.
In a discussion about sanctions on Iran, Pat Patterson comments:
When the US is involved in trade with a less than clean regime it is because the US is in thrall with international corporations. (...) But when the EU or some of its primary nations act in accordance with their international corporations then it is because they are acting in the interests of their citizens.
Click on the links to read the full comments by Yank, Fuchur and Pat.
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2020 on :

The majority in America is realizing that Europe's objections to the Iraq War had been justified. Even 20% of the republican voters don't trust the president anymore. Anti-Americanism is just the American right winger's squeaky club against contrary opinions.

Pat Patterson on :

A paraphrase, "...Even 70% of the Green/Red voters don't trust the Prime Minister anymore." And since PM Merkel's approval ratings have stayed consistently in the low 30's then she should resign? World or national leadership is not dependent on the outcome of polling like American Idol. Also it should be noted that the Congress, both under the Republicans and Democrats, have consistently had worse job approval ratings then the President.

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