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Trans-Atlantic News Roundup

"Europe, US at odds over data privacy, rendition, and Iran nukes: Diplomats and lawmakers have voiced sharp concerns over key issues in the fight against terrorism" Christian Science Monitor (More positive assessment from DW World: EU, US Move Closer to Permanent Deal of Passenger Data)

Iran: "Europeans fear US attack on Iran as nuclear row intensifies: Transatlantic rift emerges over how to handle crisis. America builds up its naval forces in the Gulf" The Guardian

"War on terrorism":
Dialog International writes about "German Arrest Warrants for CIA Rendition Suspects" and the "possible complicity or at least knowledge of the kidnapping by the former Red-Green government in Berlin." Anglofritz comments on "Fair Weather Freunds". [Well, the German judiciary is independent from the executive government and the parliament.]
Olbermann "takes a look at Bush's claims about thwarted terrorists plots" Crooks and Liars

"Divided We Stand, United We Fall?" A Fistful of Euros

"State of the Union Policy Initiatives" White House   (Inside the Real West Wing: Floorplan)

Missile Shield: "Another Success" Captain's Quarters

"Booming German Economy Set to Take a Short Breather" DW World

"US Students examine German-American relations" News Net Nebraska

Elections: "Roger Cohen: 'United States as the Anti-France'" in Davids Medienkritik.
"Socialist Takes Over (a Tiny Part of) America" writes
German Joys [Perhaps the US is becoming French after all ;-) ]

U.S. and German bloggers against U.S. and German MSM: Eifersucht im Hause "FAZ" und Schlappe für Nina Rehfeld


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David on :

I read the FAZ article that was referred to in the Handelsblatt blog post and came across this: "Die Blogosphäre spricht nicht deutsch" Is this true, that blogs are slow to catch on in Germany and there is a deficit of blogs in German? If so, why?

JW-Atlantic Review on :

"Is this true, that blogs are slow to catch on in Germany" Germany is always a few years behind the US, I think. "and there is a deficit of blogs in German?" I don't know if there is a deficit. What is a "deficit"? I don't read many German blogs. Are there any blogs I should read? Blogs you (or others) can recommend? "If so, why?" I read somewhere that France has more blogs than Germany, although Germany has a bigger population. Though, the German Wikipedia is much much bigger than the French one. I don't know if that is actually true. Anyway, the guy, who claimed all this, said that Germans are more authoritarian AND also more compromise oriented. That's why Germans write lots and lots of "authoritative" Wikipedia articles (and have "edit wars" at Wikipedia) rather than writing down their own opinions in their private blogs. Interesting food for thought?

David on :

What seems to be missing in the German blogosphere are political blogs that become forums for broad discussion and activism. I'm thinking of DailyKos or TPM Cafe in the US (or, to cite negative examples,racist blogs like Michelle Malkin or LittleGreenFootballs). The only German site that comes close is [url=]Telepolis[/url], but that is run by paid journalists. Are there others I am missing?

2020 on :

Hi David, one of these blogs is the Atlantic Review and another one is Zettels Raum, a right wing blog open for open discussions. All in all the German blogosphere is too small to create multi-author blogmonsters like the American.

2020 on :

Ебанний в рот ты бляд бибикод... (Didn't find the znak, blyadx.) [url=]Zettels Raum[/url]

Pat Patterson on :

"Germany is always a few years behind the US, I think." Nah, paraphrasing Randy Newman, "...They got surfin', too."

JW-Atlantic Review on :

Surfin' in Germany? Okay, yeah, sure. There is even some surfing in Munich, believe it or not: [url][/url] I don't know that Randy Newman quote. All I know about him is his sound advice for how to deal with Anti-Americanism: [url][/url] ;-)

Don S on :

I agree with Randy. "Let's drop the Big One and watch what happens."

JW-Atlantic Review on :

Ah, I listened again to that song. Now I realize "They've got surfing, too" is a line from that song, but I still don't get it.

Pat Patterson on :

Newman sings that we'll not bomb Australia because we don't want to hurt the kangaroos and they are like the US because of the surfing. I was showing that Germany is not a few years behind because in one important regard they are just like the US, ie., surfing.

Don S on :

I could care less about the 'roos, Pat. I don;t want to hurt the duck-billed platypusses because they are so weird-looking. And of course if we 'drop the Big One' we'll get more weird-looking animals - and people for that matter! All to the good. Democrats ought to be all for dropping the Big One. It increases Diversity, after all!

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