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Translations of German Newspaper Articles

Watching America describes itself as "America's Public Intelligence Agency" and translates what international publications write about the US politics. Atlantic Review linked to some translations of German newspapers' articles about Iraq and the US Dollar in December.  Here are three new translations:

The Secret of America's Counterfeit 'Supernotes':
"America's accusations against North Korea are on very shaky ground ... A rumor has circulated for years among representatives of the security printing industry and counterfeiting investigators that it is the American CIA that prints the Supernotes at a secret printing facility.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. English Translation at Watching America

Germany Should Adopt U.S.-Style 'Paygo' Rule: "The U.S. Congress has reinstituted a rule that America applied once before to balance its budget. This so-called 'Paygo-rule' should be the model in Germany as well." Financial Times Deutschland.  English Translation at Watching America

Germany Germany's 'Obligation' to Tame America's Hawks: "The U.S. deployment rather points to the possibility of surgical strikes against the Teheran regime's nuclear facilities, airfields and military bases." Frankfurter Rundschau. English Translation at Watching America

Bush: 'The Great Failure':  "He is no longer the president that fantasizes about an 'Axis of evil' or flights to Mars. This is a president who can no longer use deceit to conceal disaster." Sueddeutsche Zeitung. English Translation at Watching America


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Pat Patterson on :

Bender's article was about as documented as the recent claim that Sen. Obama was raised in a madrassa. Interesting premise but no citations or attributions. I've seen more proof that the US is hiding alien remains in Area 51.

Don S on :

"The Secret of America's Counterfeit 'Supernotes'" Yeah, yeah, more of the same must have been a slow news day at Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, and some people will always believe that the CIA is up to something sneaky, it;s the oldest journalistic wheeze in the book.

Fuchur on :

Bender wrote a whole book on the matter, so I guess if you look for citations and in depth information, that would be the place to go.

Don S on :

A wheeze is a wheeze is a wheeze. You believe it if you want to, I have better things to do with my time and money than line the pockets of a novelist who pretends to write serious books.

Pat Patterson on :

Just as an aside I found a currency printing press that uses the intaglio method through Komori in Japan. Which advertises itself as the official currency printers for the Government of Japan.

JW-Atlantic Review on :

It's a nice conspiracy theory. Somebody should make a movie about it. Well, most parts of the article are not about the CIA, but about some gaps and contradictions in the theory that North Korea is behind the counterfeiting. Wikipedia has an entry about the "super note", incl. many links to external sources: [url][/url] Since the US blames North Korea for counterfeiting, is this an issue in the US-North Korean negotiations? I am still wondering why the US is having direct negotiations with one member of the axis of evil (North Korea), but not with the other remaining member of the axis of evil (Iran). Yes, I know. The embassy hostage taking and alleged Iranian involvement in Iraq. Still, I am not convinced, why it is worth it to talk to North Korea, but not to Iran: [url],-but-not-with-Iran.html[/url] I have just added a comment at that post to point to a poll that says that 79% of Americans are in favor of direct talks with Iran.

Edrin on :

Nice site. good work

Don S on :

"I am still wondering why the US is having direct negotiations with one member of the axis of evil (North Korea), but not with the other remaining member of the axis of evil (Iran)." I thought you knew, Joerg. You mentioned it in another post. The price of oil is dropping. That's it in a nutshell. The US set out some reasonable preconditions for talks & Ahmadinejad rejected them with contempt. So we wait whilst the Saudis drive the price down.

Kuch on :

In Germany's 'Obligation' to Tame America's Hawks, Mr. Grobe essentially blames Saddam's very existence on Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Aside from the very last sentence of this article, he doesn't even mention "Germany's Obligation," and certainly doesn't delve into how it would satisfy this obligation.

Jim on :


Hi, This is your nice post.Bush decision to attack on Iraq was totally wrong.They also did wrong in Afghanistan.The oil prices are decreasing day by day.But the government is not decreasing.Why?

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