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Merkel Wants to Boost Transatlantic Trade Ties

[UPDATE: Financial Times: "US cautiously welcomes Berlin trade plans" ]
"Angela Merkel, German chancellor, will this month launch a sweeping initiative for the harmonisation of US and European legislation to boost investment flows and trade between the world’s largest economic blocs." The British Financial Times interviewed Chancellor Merkel about her thoughts for an "ever-closer" transatlantic economic partnership, the Middle East, the EU relationship with Russia, energy policy, revitalizing negotiations for an EU-constitution, EU-enlargement, and the Balkans.

Related Financial Times commentaries: "Merkel faces a Brussels road test" and "Relations with US top Merkel's agenda".

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joe on :

You mean the US could become more like the EU? Bully!

Flash on :

America gets a little europeanized and Europe gets a little americanized. Now that would be great. I am a big supporter of a trans-atlantic free trade zone. Anything to combat the growth of communist China on :

Wir brauchen keinen Europäischen Verfassungsvertrag, denn wir haben die Charta der Grundrechten, um das Deutsche Unrecht zurückzuschlagen.

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