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Still Need a Gift for Somebody?

A few free and useful last minute gifts:
The Bullshit Protector: Just print the pdf file, grab your scissors and follow the simple instructions. Within a minute you got protection for your ears against all kinds of bullshit. The perfect gift for the next election campaign. Bilingual version available at Dumbapple. (According to Wikipedia and the respected anti-Bullshit site Snopes, it is just an urban myth that Bill Moyer, a 73 year old vet, was seen wearing "Bullshit Protector" flaps over his ears at a speech by Senator Ted Kennedy. Rather it was during a speech by President Bush.)

The SAIS-Johns Hopkins Center for Transatlantic Relations makes its book "Transatlantic Transformations: Equipping NATO for the 21st Century" available for free as a pdf. Edited by Daniel S. Hamiltion, 203 pages, published in 2004.

Your friends and family might feel better, after giving "You park like an asshole"-notifications to bad drivers: "So you see somebody parking like an asshole eh? It's pretty simple, print out one of the PDF files and slip it under their windshield wiper." The perfect gift for anybody, who likes Germany's universal jurisdiction law  ;-)

Perhaps they prefer to play some Mozart music?  As the end of a full year of Mozart celebrations nears, the musical scores of his complete works have been made available for free by the Mozarteum.

Or if you want to spend some money:
There is still enough time to for an Email Gift Certificate from or einen Email-Geschenkgutschein von


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Don S on :

The people selling the parking warnings should instead consider the wonder of of life. The amazing thing is not that an anus parks a car but rather that an anus CAN park a car lacking brain, eyes, and limbs! As for Mr. Moyers - I must say that it's long been my belief that Mr. Moyers needs to wear a 'Bullshit Protector' at all times of the day and night. Most particularly when Moyers is himself speaking. At times Mr. Bush and Mr. Kennedy manage to transcend bullshit but I have never heard Mr. Moyers achieve that feat.

Mad Minerva on :

Thanks for the link to the free Mozart! It's the perfect gift for...ME! A bit of "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" makes dissertation research go a lot better. Also, I second your suggestion for Amazon gift certificates. I do that rather often, and my friends who receive them are always delighted. Part of me just loves the idea of enabling them to do something and then giving them the chance to enjoy choosing. In my Asian circles, there's always the nice option of the ang pao -- otherwise known as "cold hard cash wrapped in red envelopes."

GM Roper on :

I went to the bullshit deflector site and noted that there are 8 sets of bullshit deflectors. Two of these eight are labled GOP Bullshit Delfector. The remaining 6 sets are not so labled. May we assume then, that the evidence would indicate that 3/4ths of all bullshit comes from the left? Merry Christmas to all at Atlantic Review, and especially to you Joerg. GM Cancer Sucks!

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