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Texas and the German-American Video Blog Cooperation

The leading US video blog (vlog) Rocketboom encourages its viewers to translate the leading German vlog Ehrensenf. Now you can watch Ehrensenf episodes with English subtitles.

The two vlogs also cooperate in attempting to get a NY couple move to Texas, as Rocketboom explains here. The Dallas Morning News does not have a sense of humor and wrote the editorial "Sour Krauts: Germans laugh at Plano now, but not for long":
A New York City couple known only by the names Danny and Nina are running a contest on their Web site,, in which visitors vote on where the pair will live for a year. The two promise to relocate to the first American metropolis on their long list that gets a million votes. With nearly 600,000 votes, guess which town is leading the balloting? Plano. It's not a compliment. Plano rocketed to the top of the list after a German television program encouraged viewers to visit the Web site and punish the New Yorkers by sending them to live in Texas. As "Lyzia," a German commentator on the site's message board, put it, "The reason why we [Germans] want them to move to Texas is ... cruelty.
Yes, that's right, the Dallas Morning News wrote an editorial about an episode in a German entertainment vlog. Besides, they got it wrong. a) A bit more is known about the couple. b) Ehrensenf is not a "television program", c) Ehrensenf did not encourage anybody to "punish" the couple by sending them to Texas. Rather than quoting one of tens of thousands of commentators, they should have quoted the Ehrensenf episode about this vote, which just points out that Texas would be recreational for a couple from NY. Ehrensenf does not have anything against Texas, but just wanted to satirically "play God" by encouraging its many viewers to vote for one particular city.
If I wanted to imitate the
humorless editorial writer, then I would quote one letter to the editors of the Dallas Morning News and then conclude: "Rednecks: Americans laugh at xyz." Imagine the outcry in the blogosphere, if a German newspaper had published an incorrect editorial with such a title.
Many Germans might not like a certain politician from Texas, but that does not mean that they dislike everybody and everything else in Texas. In fact, earlier this year, Germans voted for the German country band Texas Lightning to present their country at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Besides, some Germans, who used to be prisoners of war in Texas, return for reunions, as Cuppa Politics.
UPDATE: is currently offline (probably could not handle the traffic from Rocketboom), but they have a blog.


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JW-Atlantic Review on :

Perhaps the Dallas Morning News is just envious of Plano, because Ehrensenf reminded them of the LUTRICIA MCNEAL song about "Plano, Texas": I sometimes think that after a drink or two I shouldnt be living in Dallas Id go far from the city I would read the graffiti and I would buy me an oceanside palace Plano, Texas, USA This is what Ive got to say Plano, Texas, USA I do things in my own way I think its cool, when I skinnydip in my pool and the neighbors looking and Im breaking the rules I wont conform ya'll to the norm ya'll I think I go and do what I wanna do Plano, Texas, USA... and the feeling is strong and its lingering on Ive gotta move on and its almost night I think Ill put on my thong lets get it on Plano, Texas, USA..." [url][/url]

Don S on :

Rocketboom wasn't working correctly so I didn't get the essence of their essage. Nonetheless I went to the website and voted for Pano. I lived in a part of North Dallas abutting Plano for 9 months in 1987 (it was actually part of the Plan school district it was so close). Plano is a nice place. And there are parts of Dallas within easy driving distance of Plano which New Yorkers would like, I think. Places with some claim to funkiness and culture. Dallas ain't so bad although I think they would like Austin (the state capital and the belly of the Beast) is even better. Indeed there are places I've lived in which are far, far worse. Take Stuttgart. Please. I'd sacrifice my left nut not to have to live in Stuttgart again!

JW-Atlantic Review on :

That's interesting. Right now, you can vote at, but I can't access their page today. I could do so on Friday. You are in Britain. I am in Germany. Did they block access for Germans? I just checked Rocketboom. Works fine for me. They have various formats in addition to Quicktime. It's a cute German-American episode ;-) [url][/url]

Don S on :

Joerg, I voted but in retrospect I don't believe it counted. The terms of the contract were that the first city to 1 million won. According to the count on the website Denver was at more than 1 million. Having not seen an earlier total I can't tell whether this was likely or not. Do it's Denver. Not a bad place from what I hear, particularly if you enjoy snow. It has many of the things which are good about Dallas as well plus maybe a bit more of a cultural heritage.

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