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Blog Carnival of German-American Relations is Online

We received twenty submissions for the fifth edition of the German-American Relations blog carnival. Or more accurately: The first edition of the second volume. Yes, the quarterly carnival is now celebrating the first anniversary.
The submitted posts cover a wide range of issues and political opinions ranging from three different takes on the German economy, to the future of NATO and to Merkel's foreign policy. They also include a brief bio of a fearless US correspondent, who informed Americans about Nazi Germany. A German blogger writes about his father, who probably owes his life to a Jewish US soldier, and adds his own thoughts about America. US military recruiting slogans are analyzed as well as the so-called Islamist threat to European societies.  And there is even more.

Omar and George have done a superb job in hosting this carnival edition. George has written an English introduction to all submissions in his blog GM's Corner. And Omar has written a German introduction to all submission in his blog Too Much Cookies Network.
I highly recommend to read both introductions and commentaries by the two hosts. To help you with the English or German language, you might want to use use the excellent online dictionary Leo. Besides, Google has a tool to translate an entire paragraph or indeed an entire web page from German into English or from English into German. Such automatic translations are not perfect, but better than they used to be.
The Atlantic Review team wishes to thank all participants of the carnival and in particular the two hosts.


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GM Roper on :

Thank you for the nice comment Joerg, the hosting was a pleasure to do as always.

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