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German Foreign Policy News From DW World

Amnesty International Criticizes Germany: "Human rights organization Amnesty International has sharply criticized Germany and the European Union, saying they lack an interest in human rights." Amnesty is concerned with US human rights violations, but Germany rather focuses on Russia right now:
Litvinenko Case: "Germany has called for Russia to increase its cooperation in the probe into the murder of Alexander Litvinenko after police found traces in Hamburg of the radioactive substance used to kill the former Russian spy. (...)
Merkel said it was important for Russia's reputation to clear up the series of unexplained deaths of Russian journalists, politicians and business people."
Home Grown Terror Likely in Germany: "The head of Germany's domestic intelligence unit said Monday that his organization was searching for home grown terrorists and reiterated his willingness to use information that may have been obtained under torture."
Training for Iraqi Armed Forces: "Germany, which operates a small training program for Iraq's armed forces, may step this up, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday in Berlin."
Opinion: "Lip Service Isn't Enough for Darfur": "Hundreds of civilians die every day in Darfur. The genocide there is intolerable, writes DW's Meike Scholz, but symbolically sending German troops isn't the answer."


Erkan's field diary on : A German and French news round up

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Germany As AFOE also notes, Blog Carnival of German-American Relations is Online. Atlantic Review also provides a round up of German Foreign Policy News From DW World. Here is an earlier one. In other earlier but significant posts: * Various...


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JW-Atlantic Review on :

Excerpt of a longer article in the Wash Post: "The Germans have dubbed their investigation[b] "The Third Man,"[/b] though officials did not explain the reference to the Graham Greene mystery. More than 170 police officers are working on the case, along with members of the federal border police, the federal criminal police and radiation protection officers. The killing of Litvinenko, which Scotland Yard has classified a murder case, had already led to some deterioration in relations between Britain and Russia, but it now has the [b]potential to impact the wider relationship between the European Union and Russia."[/b]

Assistant Village Idiot on :

Let me get this straight... AI is sharply criticizing Germany, not for anything that Germany is doing wrong, but because they aren't kicking the Americans as hard as AI thinks they should? Does that mean in two years, AI will be smacking the Swedes for not putting more pressure on the Germans to kick the Americans? This is beginning to have an air of "Comrade, you only applauded Stalin for 15 minutes on May Day this year."

joe on :

Mission Creep. I was under what appears to be the misimpression that Germany was training Iraqi security forces in the Gulf and in Germany. Now I read Germany is training the Iraqi armed forces. In normal context security forces mean organizations such as the police, boarder guards, etc. Armed forces usually mean military forces such as the army, navy air force, etc. Does this mean there has been mission creep in what the Germans have been doing?

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