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Pop Culture News Related to Germany

• DW World: The Highs and Lows of Germany's Drinking Culture: "In Germany, beer is about the same price as water, and drinking alcohol in public is common as well as legal."

• DW World: James Bond's Latest German Villain: "Out of 21 Bond movies, about 10 of the scoundrels have been played by German or Austrian actors. Others have not been played by Germans but have implied German evil nonetheless."

• Spiegel: "My dear Krauts": Humor Lessons for a Paranoid Nation

• Spiegel: Comedy Central Comes to Germany in January


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Hardy on :

Well, I guess the people which are working for the DW World where a bit tipsy when they wrote the article. Otherwise they would have recognized, that the percentage of people which are depending on alcohol is in Germany less then 2,1% and in the US over 2,6%. But if they add the people which are using alcohol in a harmful way, they have to do it also for the US, and that's what they forgot to do. Bad mistake from them, but they "forget" doing things like that quite often.

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