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Domestic News from Germany

Headlines from DW World (Deutsche Welle) concerning Darfur, terrorism, economic growth, and the perception of Islam:
Germany Debates Darfur Effort in Shadow of Congo Pullout

Germany Approves Anti-Terror Database: "The German parliament has agreed on the creation of a much-debated anti-terror database and the expansion of laws brought into effect after Sept. 11. Critics continue to voice concerns about threats to civil liberties." (The Washington Post's Anne Applebaum and her supporters in the blogosphere, who like the Instapundit opined that Germany remains in denial about terrorism, should take note.)

"Jihadism Is a Greater Problem Today Than It Was in 2001": "Islamic studies scholar Guido Steinberg spoke to DW-WORLD.DE about the likelihood of a terrorist attack in Germany and the need to separate the issue of integration from the fight against terrorism."
(Related post in the Atlantic Review about the US National Intelligence Estimate: Iraq War made the Global Terror Problem Worse.)

Study: German Politicians as Increasingly Distrustful of Islam: "According to the results of a study conducted by the Center for Turkish Studies from the University of Essen and published this week, the image of Islam among German politicians has worsened over the last few years.

German Jobless Total Falls Below Four Million (Spiegel's international version summarizes the German press) Related article about the Euro Zone: Newsweek writes about the  Revenge of the Euro: "Forget the U.S. dollar. Up, down -- who cares? If America catches a cold, Europe barely sniffles."


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VinceTN on :

Perhaps a less important America will be a less threatening America to Europe? I'm all for a confident and prosperous Europe if it isn't utilized to bully and spite the US. At least from the article, Euros aren't boycotting us anymore. A less privedged position in the world economy might be what America needs to change some of its current habits. America at a disadvantage - the American Left can finally smile about something. Of course, how many times has America been counted out in the last 40 years? We are nothing if not adaptable.

JW-Atlantic Review on :

"At least from the article, Euros aren't boycotting us anymore." When did the "Euros" ever boycott America?

VinceTN on :

You don't remember Mecca Cola and the refusal of some German businesses to work with American suppliers? Americans were boycotting too, of course. Where were you during that drama?

JW-Atlantic Review on :

So a few guys from Europe were boycotting US products, and a few guys from America are boycotting European products. What's the big deal? Why do you make a fuss about a small issues? When you wrote "At least from the article, Euros aren't boycotting us anymore." that sounded like something significant, but there was no significant boykott. The article would not mention insignificant stuff. "Where were you during that drama?" Why should I care about such silly stuff like Mecca Cola, which does not sound European anyway? There is too much stupidity around. Like the "boykott" of French Fries. Should I make a fuss about that?

VinceTN on :

I'm sorry you're taking this all to heart but I am happily suprised that Euros don't appear to fear or dislike coming to America even if it is for shopping bargains. With those famous polls showing the US as the greatest threat in the world, its can create at least a casual assumption that this would taint their overall outlook on the US. Besides, its the small details that add up to national direction in the end isn't it?

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