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News Round-up About Germany's Foreign and Security Policies

• Plane Bombing plot in Germany uncovered in early planning stages: Coverage in Jerusalem Post. And related from DW World: German Police Criticize Airport Security Standards

• The Economist: Germany's place in the world: "Germany's chancellor wants to play a bigger role on the world stage. But are Germans ready?"

• Reuters: Former US aides suggest NATO troops in N.Iraq to forestall the risk of a Turkish invasion: "In a policy paper issued before a summit of the 26-nation alliance in Riga next week, Richard Holbrooke and Ronald Asmus said NATO members had an interest in doing everything possible to maintain Iraq's unity and prevent a full-scale civil war."

• German Embassy: Energy Policy to be Focus of Germany's EU Presidency in 2007 and related from DW World: "Germany Has Done Everything in its Power to Undermine Uzbek Sanctions"


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Don S on :

The weak security must be pretty scary. With the low-cost airlines which fly to small regional airports, I have to wonder how good the security is at those places? Like around the perimeter of the airport? Maybe it's not that bad. There isn't that much activity in those airports - just a few flights a day, so it's harder for someone to hide in the crowds or as just another airline employee when the employees probably all know each other. This is the first time I've heard of someone trying to get to El Al for a long time. Their security precautions are notoriously thorough.

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