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Terrorism News from Germany

Headlines from DW World:
Moroccan Found Guilty of Accessory to 9/11 Murders, also see German Press Review (in English).
The Christian Science Monitor writes about lack of US cooperation in this trial.

Security Officials Promote Integration as Crime Prevention: "Due to its prominent profile in foreign and security policy, Germany is becoming more and more a target of terrorist attacks," said Ernst Uhrlau, president of the German Intelligence Service (BND) on Thursday in Wiesbaden."

Germans Warned to be Vigilant Against Terror Threat: "In her weekly video podcast, the German Chancellor has urged Germans to help police combat terrorism. But she warned that measures such as video surveillance weren't enough."

Politicians and Police Union Disagree on National Security Report


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Don S on :

[i]"When Motassadeq's second trial began later that year, the US provided the court six pages of summarized statements by Binalshibh and two other men in their custody - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Mohamedou Ould Slahi. The summary indicated that Motassadeq had no knowledge of the 9/11 plot. Although they eventually entered the pages into evidence, German courts were hesitant to do so. There was no way to prove, judges argued, that the statements had not been extracted under torture. The US declined to elaborate on the circumstances under which they were taken." [/i] I'm not sure why this was a problem for any German prosecutor or court. The US provided evidence that the defendant didn't have direct knowledge of the plot, although he apparently did help out with financial dealings. Motassadeq may have a problem wiht it because it's fairly obvious that one of his motives for demanding Ramzi Binalshibh was to get him out of US custody and create another public relations extraveganza. The world media would be all too happy to do it, but why should the US authorities. Binalshibh's testimony wasn't necessary for justice in this case.

Mertel on :

And now some dudes have been arrested for planning to blow up a passenger airplane:

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