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Europeans have “lost their moral compass” on China

The Wichita Eagle writes

The U.S. House strongly condemned [February 1st, 2005] the European Union's plans to lift a 15-year-old arms embargo on China, saying that such a move would endanger both Taiwan and American forces stationed in Asia. The security of American forces "is directly threatened by the shortsighted and greed-driven initiative emanating from Europe," said Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif. "It shows that they have truly lost their moral compass." (…) "The EU is directly undermining the security of one of Asia's most vibrant democracies, our close ally, Taiwan," said Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-Calif.  


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Terry on :

I do not believe what I am reading sometimes about the comments of Tom Lantos. The USA is always at the head of the bunch when it comes to supplying arms to other countries. It is not too far fetched to beleive that they create trouble spots in order to ensure their own arms industry is kept busy. The Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan problems are mainly due to out of control American foreign policy. A good example is the Shah of Persia, who was removed with the support of the USA. His replacement was the Khomenei, on the basis that the USA thought he would not be a problem. If we could turn the clock back on that fateful decision I wonder how different the Middle East would be now.

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