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Brain Drain: German YouTube Founder Enjoys the American Dream

Observing Hermann writes about the third YouTube founder, Jawed Karim, who was born in East Germany in 1979:
Ironically, Karim's family (his father was originally from Bangladesh) left Germany in 1992 after the infamous post-Wall racist incidents in Hoyerswerda, Rostock and Mölln; not the first time that Ausländerfeindlichkeit (hatred of foreigners) has led to the brain drain from one country and to the benefit of another. That's entrepreneurial power that Germany could be using right now, too (should we Americans say thanks to Germany now or later?)."
In spring 2006, Jawed Karim left YouTube for graduate studies at Stanford. He remained an informal advisor and major shareholder. The NYT writes:
Mr. Karim said he might keep a hand in entrepreneurship, and he dreams of having an impact on the way people use the Internet -- something he has already done. Philanthropy may have some appeal, down the road. But mostly he just wants to be a professor. He said he simply hopes to follow in the footsteps of other Stanford academics who struck it rich in Silicon Valley and went back to teaching.
UPI writes about the brain drain (HT: Observing Hermann):
Some 145,000 people in 2005 emigrated from Germany to other countries, the highest emigration total since 1954, according to latest numbers. Mainly young and well-educated people leave Germany, often for better working conditions, such as scientists researching in the United States; a higher pay check, like teachers working in Switzerland; or better chances to quickly find a job, for example in many of the Scandinavian countries.
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Don S on :

"should we Americans say thanks to Germany now or later" Absolutely we should say thank you to Germany now - and later! Germany sent us their Jews after WWII. In fact they sent us virtually all the Central European Jews. For two generations the new Albert Einsteins and Sigmund Freuds have been born and raised in the US. Now Gewrmany (and Europe) are kindly sending us many of their best scientists and technologists - while keeping the more valuable people for themselves of course. I refer to the 'creative' people who stage plays replete with burning entrails, severed heads of religious figures, and the like. Those kind stay in Europe because the narrow-minded fascists in the US don't pay to watch that kind of thing. Imagine..... ;)

pigilito on :

Not only do America and other countries get bright, talented, and motivated workers, the nations largely don't have to pay for the often excellent education the German emigrants bring with them. Thus, a double bonus.

Anonymous on :

I guess, Americans should not complain about Anti-Americanism in Germany anymore. We are very pro-American and send you our brightest citizens. Thus you should be thankful and stop complaining about lack of gratitude and lack of support. ;-)

Don on :

Gratitude (if any) rests with the individual. Else we would be obliged to feel gratitude to the Third Reich for sending us all those brilliant Jews and other refugees. And that would be going a bit too far I think....

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