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Rise in Racist Violence, US Holocaust Museum Goes to Germany

DW World writes about the rise in Neo-Nazi attacks:
Between January and August, some 8,000 offenses perpetrated by right-wing radicals were reported to the BKA -- 20 percent more than the previous year and 50 percent more than in 2004.  While the number of incidents is increasing, the degree of violence is also swelling. In 2006, 325 people had been injured by far-right violence by August, compared to 302 in 2005.  The issue has been catapulted back into public consciousness after the success of the extremist National Democratic Party (NPD) in regional elections in September.
Moreover: "In the professional soccer stadiums, racism has gone underground but is on the rise in the local leagues and in eastern Germany, according to a recent study."
"A new exhibition in Dresden -- originally shown at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington -- looks at the pseudo-scientific foundations of racism.", writes Andres Curry in the English version of Spiegel Online. Andrew was a 2005-2006 Fulbright Journalism Fellow and is now a correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, which recently published his article Where WWII bombs once laid waste, a Dresden gem shines again.


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