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Overview of Atlantic Review posts in September

Last month the Atlantic Review posted more stories than usual. Perhaps you missed some of them. Many posts led to long and interesting debates in the comments sections. Check them out. (Previews and links to the latest comments are always to be found in the drop down menu below the blogheader.)

Afghanistan and NATO:

• NATO's Difficulties to Get More Troops for Afghanistan
• NATO Response Force to Darfur? A Global NATO for more Burden Sharing?
Europe Loses Afghanistan and America Looks at Nice Pictures

American Heroes:
•  "Sweet Relief" - Book about Marla Ruzicka
US Soldier Receives Bavarian Lifesaving Medal


Stryker Cavalry Regiment Moved to Germany
Perception of Germany in Israel 


Tagesthemen on 9/11: Criticism Based on Lack of Understanding
German 9/11 Victim Defamed in "United 93" Movie

Iraq and Terrorism:

About Terrorism and Security Policy Debates in Germany and the United States
Joschka Fischer on Terrorism: "To Defeat the Beast, Don't Feed the Beast."
Iraq War Made the Global Terror Problem Worse
The Times: Britain Handed Control to German and American Ideologues

Trans-Atlantic Relations:

Germany's Fast Aid after Katrina and "Role Reversal"
Will Germany Promote the Creation of a Transatlantic Free-Trade Area?
Speech of Hope Set the Course for American-German Relations 60 Years Ago
"Foreign Policy by Report Card" Blamed for "Nurturing Seething Resentment Abroad"


Darfur: Finally some Transatlantic Cooperation to Discuss "the Next Steps"?


Elite Schools seen as "Bastions of Privilege" rather than "Engines of Social Justice"
At which American Universities do Fulbright Grantees Study and Teach?
Octoberfest and "Beerfest" moviecarnival


What Europeans and Americans Agree and Disagree on
Majority of Americans: Reform or Replace the United Nations

Last but not least, we celebrated the Fourth Carnival of German-American Relations, hosted at Liberale Stimme (in German) and Dialog International (in English). The next carnival will take place on December 11th.


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