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Atlantic Academy Celebrates 10th Anniversary

"It's a success-story we can be proud of", applauded minister of state of Rhineland-Palatinate himself and his creation, the Atlantic Academy in Kaiserslautern, Germany on the occasion of its tenth anniversary this year. Even after massive reductions of the US- and Nato forces stationed in the region, the small town in the Southwest of Germany (nicknamed "K'town" by its American residents) is supposedly still home to the largest American community outside the US. Long before the Americans came here, hundreds of thousands of local people emigrated to the US; both processes combined make Rhineland-Palatinate "the most Atlantic state in Germany", according to Beck.

For ten years now, the Atlantic Academy has organized lectures, seminars, debates, workshops, festivals of music, art and culture and an annual summer school. Topics range from American foreign and world policy to different political cultures, the role of the German federal states versus American states, religion, ecology, the military, the situation of women, constitutional history, the media, elections, think tanks, interest groups, multiculturalism, to the questions of Iran as a rogue state or whether the next century will be the Chinese century instead of the American. Among the Academy’s more recent cooperations is a lecture series at the University of Kaiserslautern called "Atlantic Forum". They also offer a variety of courses for students as well as teachers in local schools. Last but not least we should mention the book series of 25 "Atlantic Texts"  (in German only) that the Atlantic Academy has published so far, including: Atlantische politische Kultur (Atlantic Political Culture), Auf der Suche nach einer internationalen Zivilgesellschaft (In Search of a New International Civil Society), Frauen in USA und Deutschland (Women in the U.S. and Germany), Die Rolle der deutschen Länder und der US-Bundesstaaten in den internationalen Beziehungen (The Role of the German "Bundeslander" and the US states in International Relations), and Weltmacht vor neuer Bedrohung (World Power Under New Threats).


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