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Sweig on Anti-Americanism and Feichtlbauer on Appreciating the United States

•  "Why They Hate Us. No, it's not our freedoms. Anti-Americanism isn't going away until the U.S. puts some fairness in its foreign policy." opines Julia E. Sweig, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, in the Los Angeles Times:
America's moral standing in the world has precipitously declined since 2001. For starters, blame the Bush administration's go-it-alone tough talk after 9/11, contempt for the Kyoto accord, war and then chaos in Iraq, secret prisons in Europe and alleged use of torture at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Democrats would have you believe that a new team -- theirs -- in Washington would change all this. Not so fast. Around the world, anti-Americanism is not simply the result of anger about President Bush's foreign policies. Rather, it is deeply entrenched antipathy accumulated over decades. It may take generations to undo. (…)
In Latin America, for example, U.S. policies -- whether on trade, aid, democracy, drugs or immigration -- presumed that Latin Americans would automatically see U.S. interests as their own. And when denied deference, we sometimes lash out, as did Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld when he lumped Germany, a close U.S. ally, with Cuba and Libya because Berlin opposed the Iraq war.
Ms. Sweig's most recent book is "Friendly Fire: Losing Friends and Making Enemies in the Anti-American Century." |


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"Why We Appreciate the U.S." is the headline of an op-ed in in Die Presse (in German) by Hubert Feichtlbauer, who used to be the editor in chief of several Austrian papers and one of the first Austrian Fulbright grantees. He focuses on the many historic contributions and why the US was a role model after WWII.


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