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What Europeans and Americans Agree and Disagree on

The German Marshall Fund of the United States and partners just released this year's Transatlantic Trends Survey. The Key Findings (pdf) are very interesting.


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Marian Wirth on :

I don't believe in surveys. Glancing through the report, I couldn't find anything about how this survey was done. So let me guess: 1.500 participants/country, interviewed by phone. And what were the exact questions? I couldn't find them eather. And why do Romanian and Bulgarian votes count re EU enlargement? Sounds pretty stupid to me, sorry. Then again, I'll remember the findings I like, and quote them as often as possible ;-). The deep rift between dems and reps in the U.S. displayed in the survey, for example. Or the "fact", that the Turks are in love with both Germany AND Iran. (I think I need DMK to explain to me that this isn't a contradiction *g*) Anyway, thanks for the pointer.

Marian Wirth on :

Correction: They have additional pages for [url=]methodology[/url] and [url=]Topline Data[/url]. As for the methodology: [quote]TNS Opinion was commissioned to conduct the survey using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews in all countries except Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Turkey, where lower telephone penetration necessitated the use of face-to-face interviews. In all countries a random sample of approximately 1,000 men and women, 18 years of age and older, were interviewed. Interviews were conducted between June 6, 2006, and June 24, 2006.[/quote] In my opinion, face-to-face interviews are absolutely necessary, plus a day-long explanation on what the questions are about. Surveys that don't follow my rules are useless.

Don on :

Surveys like this are slightly interesting and some data can be mined from them. Positive attitudes toward NATO were interesting. They seem to falling through large portions of Europe, which is no surprise. Attitudes in the US are rising a little which I found surprising until I reflected that this may based on positive feelings toward the UK and the tepid thaw in realtions with France and Germany since 2003.

JW-Atlantic Review on :

German Joys: The Presidential Alienation Effect [quote="Andrew Hammel"]"The summary: American and European public opinion on the core issues aren't all that far apart; but the only way the U.S. could dramatically improve its standing in the world is by getting rid of George W. Bush. The U.S. doesn't have a parliamentary system, so we're stuck with the Decider for the next 861 days, 15 hours, 7 minutes, and 23 seconds (as of last reading)."[/quote] [url=][/url]

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