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The Greatest Asset of the American

"The greatest asset of the American, so often ridiculed by Europeans, is his belief in progress," wrote a Swede, Victor Vinde, in 1945. Today, two-thirds of Americans think they will achieve the American Dream of self-improvement at some point in their lifetime, wrote The Economist. This year, Americans will spend almost 700 Million Dollars on self-help books. "The Purpose-Driven Life", a 40-day religious course of self-improvement, has sold 25 Million copies, more than any other non-fiction book except the Bible.
Dazzled – and slightly amused – by the same can-do-mentality is Gerhard Waldherr, a former US-reporter for Stern, GEO, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and now freelancing in Munich. His slim paperback "Amerika, du hast es besser"
(, is only available in German. The title translates to "America, you got it better." He describes his smile-inducing adventures when subscribing to various community college courses in downtown Manhattan, including: "How to change your identity", "How to write a book on anything in three weeks", "How to mary rich", "How to speak French in three hours", "How to loose weight with hypnosis" and many more. Enjoy!


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Don S on :

One CAN speak French in three hours! ] Merci beaucoup, s'il vous plait. Parlez-vous anglaise?

Felicien on :

.Yes, but just how much French?

Stephen on :

I don't know about learning French in three hours, but I did read an amazing book, Powerful Inspirations Eight Lessons That Will Change Your Life by Kathy Ireland. She is so insightful. The book is a quick read but she is so open about her beliefs and she says the lessons come from God. Who better to teach us? Kathy seems to have learned as well because she is running an amazing design business and seems to have a very happy home life. Congrats. Kathy. I love the book and your products.

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