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Tourists keep away from US despite weak dollar

The Christian Science Monitor contends “more foreign tourists are coming to the US but not in the numbers expected” due to fears about security hassles and the poor image of the US.

Part of the problem is procedural. Rumors about travel to the US include the belief that foreigners are frequently hassled, detained, or left waiting in line for hours at the immigration desk.  Isolated incidents have created a wider perception problem that doesn't mirror reality, the TIA and federal government argue. (...) More worrisome is the political image of the US, particularly in Europe. "In Europe, disaffection with the United States runs deep," says Charles Kupchan, director of European studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. "Over the last year, evidence has come out that Europeans are avoiding American brands." In two surveys of 8,000 consumers in Europe, Russia, Japan, and Canada, a fifth of respondents consciously boycotted American goods because of its foreign policy, according to GMI, an independent data-research agency based in Seattle.


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