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Sudan Divestment Campaign Against Siemens and Others Gets Stronger

Nick Timiraos writes in the Wall Street Journal (free access) about the Sudan divestment campaign led by students at several U.S. universities. One of their main targets is Siemens of Germany:
The divestment campaigns aim at putting pressure on Sudan's Khartoum regime, which the United Nations says has sponsored militias in the Darfur region, where more than 200,000 have died. The U.S. has referred to the violence as genocide. Students hope that as companies' share prices drop in response to sales of their stock, those firms will either push Sudan's government to end violence or decide to leave the country altogether.
At least five states in the U.S., including Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon, have passed legislation requiring state pension funds to divest themselves of Sudan-related holdings. New Jersey sold $2.6 billion worth -- or 3.4% of its $75.3 billion in total assets -- in 17 companies.
The Atlantic Review wrote about Darfur: U.S. calls for more sanctions against Sudan, but Germany sees business opportunities and Rallies to help Darfur across the United States. And in Germany?


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Zyme on :

What a nice gesture of our american friends. I ll have a look at the prices of siemens shares next week - if they got considerably cheaper, I may think about buying some. I have already lost more than enough due to the middle east conflict around Israel. So this might compensate a bit.

Don on :

I don't see this really taking hold where it needs to work, which is in Europe particularly Germany and France. It's a little surprising given the widespread and loud furor in over the Iraq war, culminating in many very large marches. I think it's understandable though. Partly because the Europeans are exhausted from their mighty labors in putting on those marches and serially exposing the tiniest shortcomings of anything said by a US official about Iraq. Has to be exhausting making the cowboy Bush toe the line. Defend the US, Ja. Help avert genocide, Oui. But only when and how we say so and subject to our strictist scrutiny and constant badgering. Partly because - well, these are Germans and French people doing this. Wonderful humanists, not imperialistic Yankee cowboys. Their motives must be of the purist, and if their business partners are complicit in offing half a million people give or take - well that is when to call for the basin. Or close one's eyes.

joe on :

Don, Are you really that surprised?

Rosemary on :

Thank you so much for keeping this story alive. It is only by our voices are the voices of the Darfurians heard. The last number of murders was at or around 400,000, and that was last year. Here is a link that I thought may interest you: [url=]Security in Darfur: Donors' Conference in Brussels Fails to Take Action[/url]. Keep up the great work. Peace.

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