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Third Carnival of German-American Relations on July 2nd

"Blog Carnival" is a weird term, but already an established and popular event in the U.S. blogosphere. Carnivals introduce and link to the best posts about a specific subject, in this case German-American relations. Everybody is encouraged to participate. Bloggers can submit their best posts about transatlantic relations by sending a trackback to our Carnival Submissions Blog, which automatically displays the latest submissions. You can submit a post in English oder auf Deutsch.
Extrablog will select the best submissions (both English and German) and introduce them in German on July 2nd. Likewise, Davids Medienkritik will select the best submissions (both English and German) and introduce them in English on the same day.

The Atlantic Review organizes these quarterly carnivals to promote dialogue across the Atlantic and across the political spectrum. Both carnival hosts will consider well argued submissions and will even publish some opinions they do not agree with. Thanks to the hosts and many supporters, the Carnival of German-American Relations will hightlight the best posts and present them to a large audience.

Our Carnival Submissions Blog provides further information and explains how to participate and promote the carnival.
Extrablog has some interesting suggestion what to write about; translation by Google. Every post dealing with German-American relations is appropriate.
Medienkritik explains how to participate, even if you don't have a blog.

Have a look at our last carnival: American Future wrote English introductions from a U.S. perspective. Atlantic Review wrote English introductions from a German perspective. And Statler & Waldorf wrote German introductions from a German perspective.
Please don't hesitate to contact us in the comments section if you have any question whatsoever.


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alec on :

I'm happy to write an article about German-American relations, specifically in the NATO context ov involvement in future peace-keeping endeavors (Darfur, Afghanistan, etc.) What time frame are we looking for?

Joerg on :

Great! I am looking forward to your article. Deadline is June 28th, so that the two hosts have enough time to read all submissions, because usually there are so many last moment submissions. The early the better. Many blogs link to the Carnival Submissions Blog, i.e. that blog gets read quite a bit every week.

alec on :

OK, sounds great. I'd like to get it edited/read over before I submit it.

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