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Praise for President Bush in German Paper

In his column "America, you do it better" about the immigration debate, the Washington D.C. correspondent of the Financial Times Deutschland describes President Bush's immigration policy as even more courageous than the German Green party's position:
Doch wo in Europa rechte wie linke Regierungen fast unisono Missmut über Spaniens Masseneinbürgerungen äußerten, findet die Legalisierung Illegaler in den USA auch im rechten Lager mächtige Fürsprecher - vorneweg den Präsidenten, einen Rechten, der in der Einwanderungspolitik einen Kurs fährt, der in Deutschland selbst manch Grünem zu mutig wäre.
Thomas Klau compares German and American attitudes to immigration and concludes that Germany can learn a lot from the US how to successfully integrate immigrants. His column in German, translation by Google, via Apocalypso.
The German media is frequently accused of Anti-American bias, which is often correct. However, all articles concerning the integration of immigrants that I have read have been praising the U.S. criticizing the German track record.


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Clarsonimus on :

That's a tough one, too. The border with Mexico, I mean. What are you going to do, build a wall? Really? It may actually come to that someday, I'm afraid. I do find it strange that the US (or Germany and the rest of Europe, for that matter) are held "to blame" for being the magnets for people who just want to improve their situation - and the bankrupt/corrupt countries they're fleeing from always come out of this smelling like roses.

Zyme on :

The origin countries of the refugees are not blamed for a reason: they are not considered equal partners but backward regions incapable of solving anything themselves. And thats the reason why the EU has to come to those african countries to errect refugee camps, where they are arrested and kept at bay. But this also has an advantage: no human rights need to be worried about in the camps, since those countries dont tend to worry about them themselves. As soon as the people in africa realize that they can die on the way to europe just as easily as they can at home, the whole immigration pressure will come to a complete halt.

Olaf Petersen on :

Obviously in the USA legalization means integration, because the illegal aliens have already integrated themselves. And most of them leave their country for economic, not political reasons:"I want to be in America, Okay by me in America!" What if the African refugees made it to the USA then "integrating" in places like South Central? Refugees often brutalized by a personal history of famine, war, terror and corruption, speaking exotic languages nobody understands? In Germany, "Die Amtsprache ist Deutsch", the official language is German. The USA don't have an official language, but two common ones, English and Spanish. Amerika, Du hast es besser? America, you do it better? In this light, from the lips of a German or European, this is almost a racist sigh.

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