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Carnival of German-American Relations on March 25, 2006

We have received more than twenty great submissions for the carnival of US-German relations, but nevertheless decided to extend the deadline to March 22nd and invite more German bloggers to participate. For more information and links to all twenty submissions, please visit our Carnival Submissions Blog.
A big thank you to everybody who has submitted a blog post and to the many supporters, who display the carnival logo on their blog. The carnival will be co-hosted by Statler & Waldorf in German as well as American Future and Atlantic Review in English on March 25th.

Deutsche Blogger, Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen, auch deutschsprachige Blogbeiträge einzureichen!


Atlantic Review on : Carnival of German-American Relations, Second Edition

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Welcome to our transatlantic dialogue! Excellent blog posts about various aspects of U.S.-German relations from both sides of the Atlantic (and the Pacific), in English and in German were submitted and are now introduced to you.A large variety of politica


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Olaf Petersen on :

This Blog Carnival is over, you're flogging a dead horse. To make it a permanent event you should have opened it at once and set a deadline for, let's say dec 31, 2006, or even later. Thus, every new entry would have been published immediately. I think that would make Blog Carnivals more attractive especially for German bloggers new to them. Or you should have chosen a new specific subject to continue the carnival. IMHO, respectfully.

Olaf Petersen on :

Have to underscore that I mean our intention to organize a German BC has failed.

Rosemary on :

I disagree that this blog is over! I would like to see it as a weekly thing, like we do here in the States! Pick a day of the week, and those who have anything to say can write about it. I may not agree with everybody (heck, sometimes I don't even agree with myself!), but communication is a better way of solving problems than violence. Wouldn't you say? Please think about it Jorg. :)

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