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Fulbright Alumni working for good causes

The Atlantic Review started a directory of Fulbrighters working for good causes like peace and mutual understanding, poverty eradication, public health, disaster relief, environmental protection, human rights, fighting discriminations:
Medge Owen, M.D., established the NGO Kybele to promote safe childbirth and neonatal resuscitation worldwide through medical education partnerships. We present her reports about Kybele's work in Turkey, in Croatia and in Ghana.
Steffen Schmuck-Soldan promotes saving energy and money at the same time.
Ann Jordan and Beatriz Fernandez Carrillo work against trafficking in persons.
David Furman brought art to an impoverished community in Peru.
Dariusz Jemielniak supports continuing education for English teachers in Poland.
José Alberto Ramirez promotes alternative dispute resolution in Venezuela.
The Oregon Alumni started a Native Speakers Program at a German highschool.
Stephan Münch volunteers his free time for the better integration of people with intellectual disabilities.
And Rolf Brinkmann is committed to various forms of sustainable development.
Introductions to all these projects in the directory of
Fulbrighters working for good causes.


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