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NYT: German Intelligence gave U.S. Iraqi defense plan

The New York Times writes that a classified US military study credits the German Federal Intelligence Agency for obtaining a copy of Saddam Hussein's plan to defend Bagdad and for passing this plan on to the US:
The plan gave the American military an extraordinary window into Iraq's top-level deliberations, including where and how Mr. Hussein planned to deploy his most loyal troops.
A German government spokesperson rejected the NYT report as wrong "in all its details," but Bill Keller, the NY Times's executive editor, said in response that the report published today was attributed to a classified Joint Forces Command study on the development of Iraq's military strategy, dated 2005, and that on the matter of German involvement, 'the Joint Forces Command study is explicit and unqualified.
The United States awarded a medal to one of the two agents of the German Federal Intelligence for his support to combat operations
The NYT also describes the German governments vocal public opposition to the Iraq war and the significant help the German armed forces provided nevertheless:
German ships guarded the sea lanes near the Horn of Africa as part of Task Force 150, an effort to deter terrorist attacks in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, for example. The patrols helped safeguard the waterways the United States used to build up its forces in the Persian Gulf for the invasion of Iraq.
German troops were also part of a "consequence management" team, at the United States military base at Camp Doha, Kuwait, which was charged with protecting Kuwaitis after a chemical attack. The measure was justified as defensive. German personnel also guarded American military bases in Germany, freeing United States soldiers to go to Iraq.
When NATO debated whether to send Awacs radar planes and Patriot missile batteries to Turkey, a move the United States was promoting to help persuade Ankara to open a northern front in Iraq, Germany initially was opposed. But it soon dropped its objections. Germany later provided the missiles for the Patriot batteries sent to Turkey.


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Olaf Petersen on :

Reminds me of Major Pfaff's clearing of refusal to obey the order to write software for the logistic support of the US Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was degraded first, then acquitted by the highest German court, which concluded it was his duty to not obey the orders he got: Major Pfaff is now LtCol. The German government always pretended they are not and will not get involved in the Iraq war, but they also admitted they would fullfill their obligations as a NATO member even if they had to break international law. In other words: The red-green government under Chancellor Schröder have put their populist propaganda upside down in practice, spearheaded by the German Ministry of Defence - and by Steinmeyer, now Foreign Minister, previous Minister of the Office of Chancellor in Berlin. Major Pfaff's acquittal has almost been a non-event in Germany's mass media. So why aren't we surprised that Steinmeyer, responsible for the coordination of German secret services in these times, plays down the unofficial real-politics of Chancellor Schröder, admitting only as much of the truth as nobody can deny? Anyone remember fujigmo? lol

Olaf Petersen on :

Okay, to make it short, fujigmo is WW2 slang, an acronym for: F*** you Jack I got my orders.

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