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American soccer fans are most welcome for world cup

Millions of soccer fans scramble to secure accommodation for the world cup in June. Staying with friends was launched to provide affordable private accommodation. The German embassy in Washingon reports:
Germans are ready to roll out the red carpet for American soccer fans during this summer's World Cup, according to a new poll. Only soccer fans from Germany's southern neighbor Switzerland proved more popular guests in the survey, which asked Germans whom they would most like to rent a spare room to during the 32-team tournament.


Atlantic Review on : America is expected to win the Super Bowl

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;-) Slate Magazine: According to my research, "football" is very popular among my fellow Americans. It sort of resembles chess, but with a lot more physical contact. Today is, like, the biggest day of the year for football enthusiasts.American


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tetsuo on :

Hello!My name is Tetsuo. I also want to watch the world cup game in Germany in this summer. Japan natioal team (I am from Japan)will paticipate in the world cup game, so I hope that they will be a champion!

littleandy on :

/ironic mode on/ Hey, after reading Davids Medienkritik, I thought, all Germans were American-haters! How come they are most popular besides Switzerland? I don't get it... /ironic mode off/

t0rs0 on :

They are no American-haters ! They just can't understand the politic of Mr.Bush.

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