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Move out of Iraq, argues retired General and NSA Director Odom

Everything that opponents of a pullout say would happen if the U.S. left Iraq is happening already, says retired Gen. William E. Odom, the head of the National Security Agency during the Reagan administration. The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard published his op-ed and fellow Fulbrighter Bernhard Lucke recommended it to us: "I think it provides a lot of insight. I always had a feeling that something goes totally wrong in Iraq, but was afraid of pulling out, too, as are probably most of us. Now I've changed my mind."

Odom attacks the most popular arguments against pulling out of Iraq, like "We would leave behind a civil war, lose credibility on the world stage, embolden the insurgency and cripple the move toward democracy; Iraq would become a haven for terrorists; Iranian influence in Iraq would increase," etc.

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German-American Blog Carnival on December 11

[UPDATE 12/12/2005: The carnival was a success. See yesterday's presentation in the Atlantic Review and at GM's Corner.]


In true transatlantic spirit, GM's Corner and the Atlantic Review present to you a Blog Carnival on US-German relations. You are cordially invited to participate with anything you have written on US-German issues in the past. You could also write something new. As George wrote in GM's Corner:

Our goal is to foster dialog between Americans and Germans, between Liberals and Conservatives, between hardliners on both sides of the big water and between peacemakers on both sides. Our initial Carnival will be on December 11, 2005. That day was one of the darkest in our joint histories, the day in 1941 when Germany declared war on the United States.

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