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Inauguration Speech

In his inauguration speech, the president refers to himself as an "arsonist" intending to spread the fire of freedom all over the world:,tt3l2/ausland/artikel/479/46433/


Fareed Zakaria writes about the inauguration speech in Newsweek:

I often argue with an Indian businessman friend of mine that America is unfairly singled out for scrutiny abroad. "Why didn't anyone criticize the French or Chinese for their meager response to the tsunami?" I asked him recently. His response was simple. "America positions itself as the moral arbiter of the world, it pronounces on the virtues of all other regimes, it tells the rest of the world whether they are good or evil," he said. "No one else does that. America singles itself out. And so the gap between what it says and what it does is blindingly obvious-and for most of us, extremely annoying." That gap just grew a lot bigger."