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German-American Blog Carnival on December 11

[UPDATE 12/12/2005: The carnival was a success. See yesterday's presentation in the Atlantic Review and at GM's Corner.]


In true transatlantic spirit, GM's Corner and the Atlantic Review present to you a Blog Carnival on US-German relations. You are cordially invited to participate with anything you have written on US-German issues in the past. You could also write something new. As George wrote in GM's Corner:

Our goal is to foster dialog between Americans and Germans, between Liberals and Conservatives, between hardliners on both sides of the big water and between peacemakers on both sides. Our initial Carnival will be on December 11, 2005. That day was one of the darkest in our joint histories, the day in 1941 when Germany declared war on the United States.

Our relationship has changed fundamentally since the Second World War. Bitter enemies became trustworthy allies and true friends. Our partnership always had its up and downs in the last six decades. In recent years, however, the United States and Germany have become quite estranged from each other, it seems. Many Americans and Germans are concerned about the future of our relationship. This carnival is your chance to share your opinion, your concern, your anger, and your hopes about transatlantic issues with a large audience.

As Alumni of the US-German Fulbright exchange program we appreciate the open, honest, tough and fair exchange of ideas across the Atlantic. Senator Fulbright once said:

The essence of intercultural education is the acquisition of empathy – the ability to see the world as others see it, and to allow for the possibility that others may see something that we have failed to see, or may see it more

Therefore we would like to know what you think and how you view the transatlantic relationship.  Please use our carnival submission formAn alternative is to send the link to your piece to If you don't have a blog, we could publish your text in the comments on December 11, 2005. You could also submit a great mainstream media article, preferably with your comments.
: Submissions in German are appreciated as well! Please, add a short summary in English (1-3 sentences). We will link to online translation tools. Please, invite others to join the German-American Blog Carnival.

Special thanks to Olaf from Extrablog for creating the logo.


Knickerbocker News on : Atlantic Review Carnival: America-German Relations

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The Atlantic Review is having a bloggers Carnival. Everyone is invited. It will be on December 11, 2005. (It will be to better relations between USA-Germany.)


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GM Roper on :

As Joerg noted, this can be a valuable tool to understanding and lowering the barriers between our two great countries.

MoxieGrrrl on :

I would love to get involved with this kind of effort! It's sounds like a great opportunity and I think everyone can get a lot out of this kind of thing. Unfortunately, I am involved in so many things at the moment that I just can't take on anything new. I didn't want to ignore the email I got, though, because I think this is great - good luck everyone!!!

Rosemary on :

I would love to try to understand why a country, a people, whom I was so proud of and happy for just 16 years ago as the Wall came tumbling down would turn their backs on us. I remember the cartoon they drew. That is the only writing I have. It hurt to know that people would rather see us dead than to keep their word at the UN. I guess you could say I am still upset. I am glad, however, that Merkel (sp?) won! Thank you, and have a great day.

Joerg W on :

What are your referring to when you write "people would rather see us dead than to keep their word at the UN." ??? Perhaps you could write a post about it and participate in the carnival...

Clive Davis on :

Great idea. Look forward to reading it....

Inge on :

Being a german citizen living in the USA for nearly 26 yrs, I can only say that I am appalled at how my birthcountry has changed for the worse. The anti-americanism almost borders on hate, the constant Bush bashing, the constant american bashing is popular, mostly created by Schroeder and Chirac and their cronies. God help us all, but Europe has missed many opportunities, and the jihad assembling in Europe's backyard will explode soon. The hatred has disappointed americans, and myself very much, and I can only hope that for as many years as America has protected, and defended Europe as a whole, I do not think there will be a next time. Understandably, Europe will be on their own, because american people a fed up with Europe, and will no longer allow our military to die for such haters. Even I, as a german citizen, are very embarrassed about the action of Germany, and alike, and I would only recommend that America is being given many apologies, backed up by action to heal the damage done by Europe.

Rosemary on :

Dear Inge, I feel in my heart what you are saying, and it makes me desire to pray evermore. We must not give up. Ever. I am extremely upset with the treatment from Germany and mostly France. We must also understand at the same time it is the government, not necessarily the people, that are doing these things. Chancellor Merkel came to America this week! There is hope, dear. If we take control back from the politians, we can turn the tables so as to become strong friends. This is my hope. However, I will not be so foolish as to let my hope blind me. :)

Trevor on :

Yes, Rosemary, please elaborate about the "cartoon they drew" and the "people would rather see us dead than to keep their word at the UN" 1) What cartoon? 2) "they" being who? 3) "people" being who? 4) "us" being who? 5) What word should be kept at the UN? Thanks and God bless America!!!

Rosemary on :

1. The cartoon in which American companies were portrayed as insects and something else bad. Sorry, I cannot remember at this time. 2. The press and the government, especially Schroeder. 3. The peoples of western Germany who fought and never gave up hope for the reunification of their beloved country. 4. America and western civilization. 5. GENOCIDE. I hope that is a little more clear. I'm very tired at the moment, but I am trying to write one more article for the German-American blog-carnival. I hope to do it about Chancellor Merkel's visit here. Have a wonderful day.

Rosemary on :

Also, Chirac gave his 'word' to Sec. of State Powell that if the time came, he would be on the side of America. He was not. Neither was Schroeder. This was even before Tony Blair could even get a word out of his mouth the last time that Chirac stated, "No matter what you say, we are not going to support you." Some ally, eh? Remember, that was Chirac.

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