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10 Quick Comments on the Munich Security Conference 2018

My comments on this year’s Munich Security Conference are more critical and sarcastic than in the past.

I wrote more appreciative and less critical summaries or quotes in the past:

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2006: Defense budget: US spends too much and Europe spends too little?

Text version of this year's tweets:

Germany is great in describing problems, but terrible in doing something about it. #MSC2018

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 17. Februar 2018

Same problem every year at conferences like @MunSecConf @KoerberIP, isn't it? Can organizers invite and moderators push speakers/panelists to present more policy ideas? And suggest ways to create international compromise for common policies? That wld be real marketplace of ideas!

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 18. Februar 2018

That's why it is so important that think tankers propose policy solutions! But they are mostly just analysing and commenting.

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 18. Februar 2018

Germany is not so disorganized, but primarily ignorant and clueless of international relations.
German politicians and public do not have faith that they can positively shape world politics.
Experts aren't convincing them if all they do is call for more defense spending #MSC2018

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 18. Februar 2018

The sad emotionalization of strategy conferences. #MSC2018

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 18. Februar 2018

Now the Social Democrats lose the votes from the growing number of vegetarians. 10% of Germans are estimated to be vegetarian.

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 17. Februar 2018

Germany 🇩🇪 has more tweeting think tankers than operational steel tanks.

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 17. Februar 2018

Well, to be honest, Germany is too stupid to create and to cheap to invest in this technology. Polemic based on past procurement projects.

But we are great in showing moral leadership. Because it is cheap. #MSC2018

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 17. Februar 2018

Three buzzwords.
Zero insight.#MSC2018

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 18. Februar 2018

What's more likely: @netanyahu bombing Iran or going to jail for corruption? #MSC2018

— Jörg Wolf 🐘 (@transatlantic) 18. Februar 2018


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