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Fulbrighters in the Middle East

Prof. Joshua Landis works as a Fulbright Scholar in Damaskus. His frequently updated blog Syria Comment is one of the most read English news sources about Syrian politics and related US policy and his often quoted in the US mass media.


Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Israeli Fulbright Alumnus and Professor at The University of Haifa, writes about "events in the Middle East in general and in Israel in particular." The latest of his monthly posts covers the attack on Hadera, opinion polls in Israel, the UN report on the Hariri assassination, and other issues.


Curiousity in a Kingdom is a new group blog by three American Fulbrighters "sharing their experiences, ideas and tips on Jordanian life." The three also run their individual websites: Jim Korpi, Elisabeth Page and Will Raynolds. Another US Fulbrighter, Brendan Geary, moved to Qatar recently and writes once a month about his life as a Fulbright Scholar at Tales from Qatar.


UPDATE 11/10/05: Prof. Marcy Newman is a Fulbright Scholar in Jordan and informed us of her blog body on the line by commenting on this post. She attended a solidarity march for the victims of the terrorist attacks and wrote in her Amman's 9/11 entry:

Steven and I offered our condolences to people we met in the march. One very sweet woman, who teaches autistic children, began crying while I spoke to her. After she learned I was American she told her children and relatives that these Americans were here to join them in solidarity. To me, this is what Fulbright is all about. Isn't this the epitome of cross-cultural exchange? If you're not going to put yourself out there to connect with people when they are at their worst then when will you do it? I even told people, who asked, that I am also Jewish. Equally important, I think, for Jordanians to understand that a Jewish American woman stands in solidarity with them at this moment.

If you want to see how beautiful, smart, serious and funny Fulbrighters from around the world look like, go to or directly to the photo gallery from the Islamic Civilization Enrichment Seminar in Tunisia.


Keith Reinhard, president of Business for Diplomatic Action, told the NY Times (republished by Eccentric Star Public Diplomacy Weblog) that the bad US image hurts the economy and offered various strategies to improve the image: "We're working with a group called Young Arab Leaders that has identified 500 Arab and Muslim youth who we think should be brought into the United States and into U.S. companies. Think of it as the Fulbright for the private sector."


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Thomas on :

Cool! This is my favorite Fulbright photo: I'd call it Indiana Fulbright Jones meets Genghis Khan

Marcy Newman on :

I just wanted to add one more Jordanian Fulbrighter to your list. Salam, Marcy Newman

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