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Double standards in media coverage of Iraq and Kosovo

The Daily Demarche, a "blog by members of the State Department Republican Underground - conservative Foreign Service Officers serving overseas commenting on foreign policy and global reactions to America," writes:

The "Paper of Record", late last week, ran an editorial entitled "Kosovo, Still Messy After All These Years" lamenting the failure of the U.N. efforts there to produce a lasting peace with real results. What I love about this piece is that when the U.N. is involved and six years have passed and there is nothing to show for it the results are "messy." When George Bush frees Iraq, successful elections are held and a constitution is overwhelmingly approved (and underwhelmigly reported) in a fraction of that time, the result is a "quagmire."

Obviously there is much less violence in Kosovo, but that is one more reason to expect more progress and an exit strategy from the UN and the European Union, which is also strongly involved in Kosovo and other parts of the Balkans. The author of the post, Dr. Demarche, continues to contrasts the Armed Forces TV news in contrast to the mass media's coverage of Iraq:

Our family and friends who visited were always astonished to see footage of soldiers and Marines handing out toys, aiding women and children, building schools and hospitals or just speaking with Iraqis who did not cower in fear or try to kill the hated Americans on site. They simply had no idea that for most troops, most of the time, violence was a rare thing.

Speaking of double standards: Davids Medienkritik compares Spiegel Online's German and English commentary on Iraq and concludes:

Cheap Anti-American Populism Sells Well in German: Not So Well in English.


Atlantic Review on : Lack of Progress in Kosovo

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NATO has been in Kosovo for seven years. The latest round of negotiations about the future status of Kosovo have failed, writes the EU Observer. For a comparison with Iraq, see the Atlantic Review's previous post: Double standards in media coverage of Ira


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K2 Global Communications on :

The truth of the matter is that the Germany-US relationship is not as bad as all the rhetoric proclaims. On both sides there always has and always will be media bias, government, political party, and now blog rhetoric that accomplishes little to overcome any differences (real or imaginary) in policy or opinion. Changes have occurred in the relationship and both sides share responsibility for failing to manage the change in an appropriate manner. One only has to observe the business-to-business and people-to-people interactions to visualize the strength and truth of this globally important relationship.

stehpinkeln on :

No, German -American relations were much worse between '42 and '45. But not a lot. WE havn't actually started shooting at each other yet, but as the Collapse next week of France will prove, there is a new type of warfare. It is being proven in France, just as Mechanized Warare was in 1940. Chirac is trying to negoiate, but he is too weak and the muslims are to clever. Why should they settle for part when they can have it all? Think about it. France is a wealthy nation by 3rd world standards. They also have several dozen Nuclear weapons and a small Arms Industry. As an Islamic Nation, France would be at the top of the steaming pile. A real prize for Osama. In a week the muslims could have how many armed jihadists flown to france to support their 'brothers' doing car-beques. Figure 300 per flight with an average of 8 flights per day, per plane that is 2400 per day per plane. How many airliners can be hijacked before the airlines stop their flights? 1,000 2,000 10,000? Taking 1,000 as a conservative number, that is 2.4 million jihadists per day. Logistics would be just bullets, since the average European citizen is un-armed, which will allow the Jihadists to live off the land. Pleanty of food, shelter and transportation available to someone with an automatic weapon on a mission from god. Did I mention the nuclear weapons?

Vincent on :

America did not manage the change in relationship better because we didn't realize how much Germany had changed. We continue to meet the demands of fighting danger as we always have. It's not our fault the Germans have withdrawn now that their own homes are safe (for now). The US hasn't really changed.

Martin on :

Withdrawn to our save home? Do you know how many German soldiers died in Afghanistan, where they fight the taliban, and bring peace, democracy and stability to this country? Right now, a German aid worker is held hostage in Iraq. The kidnappers demand that we should not train the Iraqi police. Germany is a small country compared to the US, but we do our share of responsibility. Or look at Kosovo, Macedonia, Enduring Freedom, etc. If your stupid isolationist ignorant FOX News does not mention Germany's work, it does not mean that we don't do anything.

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