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Germany's designated new Foreign Minister

United Press International quotes prominent German foreign policy specialist Karl Kaiser's characterization of Frank Walter Steinmeier as the "the grey eminence behind Schroeder":

Everybody who knows him, who has had dealings with him, considers him extremely able, competent, very pragmatic, and the Christian Democrats are pleased with the nomination.

UPI continues:

"The chancellor has a lot of foreign policy scope in summit meetings and so on, and we still have to see how much muscle the chancellery intends to use," points out Helmut Sonnenfeld, foreign policy specialist at Washington's Brookings Institution. But the feeling is that even when Steinmeier steps into the international limelight as minister of Europe's most powerful country, he will opt for a more measured, low-key approach that also seems to be Merkel's. Germany's first woman chancellor has declared a strong commitment to the transatlantic alliance, but the best that Washington can expect is a change of style, with not much shift in substance.

Dialog International recommends interesting articles about Steinmeier and one of his rare speeches.


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