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Concerned about Twitter, not Foreign Policy

A Facebook friend posts that the German press is concerned about the leadership of the Liberal Democrats, but not the foreign ministry. Today, Guido Westerwelle announced that he will not seek re-election as party chief, but will remain foreign minister.

Chancellor Merkel's press secretary announced her US trip via Twitter. Several journalists, who don't use this tool, were upset and asked passive-aggressive questions for twenty minutes at the government press conference. Carta (in German) provides the video and transcript that documents "an apparently deeply scared profession."

Apparently nobody asked what the agenda for the trip in June is. Earlier it was only reported that Obama will award Merkel with the Medal of Freedom.

The main reason for our timid (or non-existing) foreign policy is IMHO the media's and the public's lack of serious interest in strategic international relations issues. The reason for this lack of interest is that most Germans don't see any serious risks to our security, (except nuclear power and climate change) and don't believe that we have the power to make a real difference anyway in Afghanistan, Libya etc.


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Joerg Wolf on :

Sam Stein, the White House correspondent for the Huffington Post, interviewed me about this issue and then wrote this article: [url][/url]

Joerg Wolf on :

Some funny comments below the Huff Post article, like for instance: "It's not surprising that the German press doesn't use twitter. Have you seen the length of some German words? Imagine trying to tweet about the Rindfleisc­hetikettie­rungsüberw­achungsauf­gabenübert­ragungsges­etz"

Marie Claude on :

The French politicians aren't quite in use with these media tools too, except Segolene, now the others have opened blogs, Twitt, Facebooks acounts too, though they still are in the "learning" process. Otherwise our journalists are well into these new medias means !

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