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America's Political Hypochondriacs and Nazi Party People

Although FOX News often describes the United States the greatest, freest, bestest, and wonderfullest country in the world, some crazy FOX News moderator declares "What happens in Egypt could happen in America." This lets Jon Stewart's Daily Show to rant "Conservatives have turned into political hypochondriacs, and no one is more neurotic than the Woody Allen of Fox News." See video after 40 seconds:

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Pat Patterson on :

For one thing that moderator was a guest on the show. The other is that drawing conclusions from a cut and paste program is suspect. You do realize that some evangelist TV programs, 700 Club for one, draw a better educated and wealthier viewership than Stewart's program and are not that far behind in total numbers viewed on a per show average.

Joerg Wolf on :

"For one thing that moderator was a guest on the show." Your right. I will crorrect it. Strange: Usually the moderator is seen on the right side and the guest on the left side of the screen. Moreover, usually politicians are guests on talk shows, but apparently here Huckabee is the moderator. So many Republicans are now Fox News "journalists." So, who is that guy that Huckabee is interviewing?

Kevin Sampson on :

So ONE Republican politician (I'm assuming you meant politicians and not all Republicans) has a show on Fox and you conclude that 'MANY Republicans are now Fox News journalists'. Brilliant. By the way, don't forget Joe Scarborough, former Republican congressman from Florida, over at MSNBC.

John in Michigan, US on :

"So, who is that guy that Huckabee is interviewing?" I don't know his face...maybe just some journalist or blogger who is not afraid of a camera? I tried to find this interview on Huckabee's web site on which is but no joy.

Pat Patterson on :

Huckabee's site is singularly difficult to find out anything as there is no list of guests. But I think the guy is one of those radio commentators who tend to blur into each other and have found that hyperbole gets them listeners.

Pat Patterson on :

Or William Spitzer, Chris Matthews, Ellen Estrich and George Stephanopolous. OMG, all Democrats and all newsmen on cable channels.

Joe Noory on :

Are you in need of some sort of positive reinforcement from "the col kids"? Is that why you're letting this: [i]The Atlantic Review strives to be the center for news analysis and thoughtful online discussions on contemporary transatlantic relations issues ranging from defense to economics and culture. To achieve this, the website is designed to be used by everybody [b]with an interest in transatlantic relations[/b], and acts as a source for timely news updates, commentary, and the opportunity for people around the world to discuss pressing transatlantic issues[/i] ...devolve into a heap of self-indulgant trash fixated on the political ideology and reasoning preferred by overraught teenagers?

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