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"The U.S. is increasingly looking to new partners"

In her first major report on foreign policy, the European Union's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, argues according to the New York Times:

"Europe is no longer the main strategic preoccupation of U.S. foreign policy," the document says. "The U.S. is increasingly looking to new partners to address old and new problems." (.) "When we are an efficient and reliable partner, the U.S. takes us seriously," it argues. "Conversely, if we overpromise and underdeliver; if we prioritize process over substance or if we don't know what we want, the U.S. will turn its attention elsewhere."

For the European Union stating the obvious is already progress. Let's hope they will implement the recommendations in the next 10 years.


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Pat Patterson on :

The US has been looking for new strategic allies since the Washington Naval Conference of 1912. It's nice that the EU finally noticed.

Pamela on :

Merry Christmas everyone! Pat, since 1912, really? How's that worked out for us?

Pat Patterson on :

Well, it essentially allowed the Japanese to build a fleet while the other nations had agreed on a tonnage limitation and made Korea and Manchuria part of Japan's sphere of influence. Then later it allowed Germany to build its superior battleships and cruisers but luckily not enough to have an impact beyond some immediate victories.

Pamela on :

Well, we'll always have Canada

Marie Claude on :

Merry Christmas too

Marie Claude on :

as if Ashton was representative of the EU dplomatic effort, when she is gone back home for winter vacations after a "busy" (oh dear) year, like a good ol "fonctionnaire" just that no EU Defense Minister take her seriously. Anyway, it's clear that the US are involved more at east, they are worried by they over the Pacific partners, some kind of surviving deal for them !

Pamela on :

I have to agree with you on this one, MC. Ashton's value is primarily comedic.

mbast on :

Well if it's comedic, it's not funny. She and Van Rompuy are not doing their jobs right now.

Zyme on :

Sorry to say so, but I think they do. Both Mc Asthon and van Rompoy are acting exactly in the way they have been chosen for. Would you beg to differ? Also you need to keep in mind that the reason these comedians have been selected is not bad for everyone. It is ideal for the biggest members, as they can go on grabbing all the influence in Brussels which has accumulated with every new EU treaty passed.

Pamela on :

Good Lord, mbast, why do you think she GOT the job? If the woman ever fell into a pond, they'd be skimming stupid off the surface for a month.

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