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Germany Honors and Thanks US Soldiers

From the German Embassy in Washington DC:

German-US military history was made earlier this year when the German Armed Forces awarded 14 American soldiers one of the German military's highest honors for valor, the Gold Cross of Honor of the German Armed Forces, for risking their lives in the rescue of wounded German soldiers in northern Afghanistan. It was the first time non-Germans had ever received the award. Some of the US soldiers will now be honored by the US Army in a ceremony on December 13 in Katterbach, Germany.

The crew members of  a helicopter MedEvac unit came to the aid of Bundeswehr soldiers who had been ambushed by more than 200 Taliban fighters while on patrol north of Kunduz on April 2. With US Apache helicopters providing defense, US Black Hawk helicopters made multiple trips to evacuate 11 critically wounded German soldiers from the battle zone. Three of the German soldiers later died of their injuries.


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Pamela on :

Thank you Joerg for posting this. I did not even know there was such a thing. I will tell people. May I say something? During the first Gulf War, my family fought with military from many nations. The French blew them away with their utter professionalism - but the Germans with their grit. The other thing they told me - the German sense of humor is apparently without parallel. When there was time and space, it was Germans raising hell and cracking everybody up. So. Thank you.

Joerg Wolf on :

Thank you! Do you mean Dutch soldiers? There have been 200 of them in the first Gulf War. Germany did not send troops. Only a cheque of 18 billion Deutschmark or 6.6 billion US-Dollars, if wikipedia got it right.

Pamela on :

No Jeorg, I did not mistake Germans for Dutch. [Is it my face? Do I look stupid?] There is much that goes on that is never made public. Your countrymen were there. And acquitted themselves quite well I'm told. Well, that's undoubtedly an arrogant take on it - American soldiers deciding who are the good warriors and all that bullshit. But no - your country sent a few warriors - and they kicked ass.

Joe Noory on :

I'm sure they made up quite a bit of that in logistics business.

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