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False Terror Alert: 80-Year-Old American Suspected of Scaring Germans ;-)

From Deutsche Presse Agentur via m&c:

A suspicious suitcase found at an airport in Namibia and bound for Germany contained a fake bomb that proved Friday to have been made as a security training device by a tiny US manufacturer. (.) The device was made by US-based Larry Copello Inc, a three-person company manufacturing a range of security devices in Sonora, California, 180 kilometres east of San Francisco. The company owner, Larry Copello, said he estimated the case was made four years ago by his then-80-year-old mother-in-law. (.)

Germany remained on a heightened state of alert due to possible terrorist attacks, unrelated to the suitcase in Namibia, authorities said.

Nothing for UnGood, but don't scare us this way, please. Halloween is over. Besides, we are not very fond of this attack on Christianity anyway ;-)


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Pat Patterson on :

That part I found curious is the day before de Maizere said that they were responding to a tip. So Germany at that time was claiming to have foiled a bomb plot. Now no mention of a tip but a test bomb. Someone made up the first comment from whole cloth.

Joe Noory on :

By omission you're suggesting that the person that manufactured the test device several years ago was responsible for the scare. Curious. Responsibility? Who knows! "German police and Air Berlin officials denied any involvement in planting the device." and... "De Maiziere said the US Federal Bureau of Investigations was assisting Namibian and German police in investigating who planted the parcel, but said many questions remained unanswered." a nice job of saying absolutely nothing. As to the idea that this is to be snickered about as a religiously caused attack, I think you need some new, more factual tropes. Jihadists invoke God as a legitimate reason to kill people. That doesn't mean that resisting them instantly is an attack on their faith. If you're going to use sandbox logic like some 2 dimensional simpleton, at least be accurate. Were this, after all "an attack on Christianity", don't you think they would choose to target a nation where there were people who actually have some faith in something larger that themselves, or actually had some faith?

Joerg Wolf on :

Poor Joe, no sense of humor.

Joe Noory on :

That was humor? You should have warned us, so we could have been polite enough to come up with a fake laugh.

Pat Patterson on :

But when the enemy will start frothing at the mouth at a parade of soldiers from Anglia because it sounds like Anglican then you are dealing with not only fanatics but also those whose ability to discern between a county and a church.

Pat Patterson on :

Besides the best German jokes are either written in Yiddish or by Karl May.

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