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NATO has a New Strategic Concept

The Strategic Concept for the Defence and Security of The Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation adopted by Heads of State and Government in Lisbon today is very concise. Just eleven pages. Let's see how substantial it is. And how it will be implemented.

At the Open Think Tank, my day job, we have created some policy recommendations for the New Strategic Concept over the summer and are currently running a Policy Workshop on Russian-Western Relations, another big issue at the Lisbon summit.

NATO features a summary of my survey of Russian experts in a special Lisbon summit edition of NATO Review, which is layouted in Portugal's national colors. Lovely!


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Joe Noory on :

Nothing will be implemented. There are Europeans involved. The thrust will be to have another summit with a new-and-different policy review, making the summit and policy reviews the actual "action" that they would be perceived to be the action itself. Forget about the feeble obsessions people have with the trouble of the world by trying to associate them with American initiatives, and try to keep the Bundestag from being blown sky high.

Pamela on :

NATO? Heh. Hehheh. Hehhehheh.

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