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Transatlantic Time of the Year

Get ready for two busy days: The NATO summit starts tomorrow, followed by the NATO-Russia summit, followed by the EU-US summit.

President Obama started the charm offensive by naming Chancellor Merkel one of fifteen recipients of the 2010 Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor." Moreover, he published an Op-Ed in the NY Times: Europe and America, Aligned for the Future

And Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, argues in Politico: Critics write obits, but NATO focuses on new threats

Do you think NATO will succeed in revitalizing itself?

Is Lisbon going to open a new chapter in NATO-Russian relations?

Are you optimistic regarding improved EU-US cooperation? Or do you expect nothing more than photo-ops?

Let us know.

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Joe Noory on :

Sure there is more to it that a photo-op! There's the notion that yet another Summit/confab/attempt to look like someone is making a "radical" change in direction is actually real. When you hear the phrase "hoping for a new age in US-European relations", as I've seen over and over for the past three decades, it's a face-saving way of saying that the Europeans (after having made themselves impossible to be taken seriously) want the outside world to not ignore them - as if there was some interest anyone could have in that.

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