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"I hear only praise"

Wall Street Journal interview with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle:

Q: Some NATO Allies complain about the restrictions Germany has imposed on its troops in northern Afghanistan.

A: I hear only praise and recognition of the successful work of German women and men, meaning not only the soldiers, in Afghanistan. 

Is Germany's Foreign Minister deaf or is the Obama administration too polite for Germans too understand the criticism? Or has Obama's Afghanistan team (political and military) given up on Germany and thus only says nice things? (HT: ACUS)


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Pamela on :

I read this in the dead tree version when it was first published - and that went to the recycle bin and I wouldn't trust my recall of 10 days ago. The online link you provided is good for online subscribers only, so.............

Joerg Wolf on :

Link works fine from here. Special Murdoch deal for Germany? Usually only WSJ op-eds seem to be blocked

David on :

Congratulations to Germany on the 20th anniversary of reunification! Oct. 3 Peace and Prosperity.

Joe Noory on :

That's not praise. That's called being polite. Since it is politically impossible for the Bundeswehr commit further in any way, there is no point in saying anything to Westerwelle that would induce chatter or negativity from the German press and commentariat toward the government or toward the U.S. There is also no point in thanking the German government for what, at least, it CAN do. What else can you do with a society with a social complex that lets itself get worked up into a froth of lunacy over Dirk Niebel's hat?

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