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"Rally to Restore Sanity" and the "March to Keep Fear Alive"

Jon Stewart is getting better and better. He is going to stage a rally in Washington DC against extremists on both sides of the political spectrum. And Stephen Colbert wants to keep fear alive. Very funny video below, after about the first minute of blabla. 

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Rally to Restore Sanity
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David on :

"both sides of the political spectrum" There may well be extremists on the left, but they are invisible. The extremists on the right have their own TV network, their own political party, and their own much-adored, semi-literate leader from Alaska!

Pamela on :

Q: What is the definition of "extremist"/nazi/bigot/racist, etc. etc. etc. A: Someone who is winning an argument with a liberal

Joerg Wolf on :

stewart includes plenty of liberals in the "extremist" camp in this video.

Pamela on :

Darling Joerg, In the event you haven't noticed - I'm not Jon Stewart

Pat Patterson on :

Code Pink invisible? Maxine Walters, James J. Lee and The Unabomber invisible? Holy cow David has plucked his own eyes out. I hope he doesn't go to Colonus. BTW, the only Nazis neo or otherwise in the current campaign have been Democrats picketing themselves while posing as neo-Nazis.

Pamela on :

I think this is hilarious and more power to them. Politics could use a little fun. AHEM! Mr. Patterson. Would you kindly do a girl the courtesy of answering her FREAKING EMAIL!! mumble mumble mumble

Pat Patterson on :

But of the first four or five items he used as throwaway lines all were aimed at conservatives and the Tea Party. But his fact checkers didn't check to find that the poster of Obama with the Hitler mustache was from followers of Lyndon Larouche who ran as a Democrat in several presidential elections. Maybe Larouche never got over being prosecuted and convicted by a Republican administration in 1987-1988. But Stewart used that as a counterbalance to the Bush=Hitler placards of the left.

Andrew767 on :

In a few hours people will try to reclaim sanity in Washington, and about time. Hopefully the focus will be on fun, amazement and wonderment – these were goals of royal jesters which were necessitated after a thousand years of European diplomacy, intrigue, and occasional friendship. The tradition was discontinued by Cromwell and others who thought laughter was foolish. But laughter is a good remedy for the evils of intrigue and diplomacy. When a person speaks it is polite to listen and smile irrespective of their words or lies, it is not evil to be polite, but it is evil to allow known deception to continue without comment. When Abu Ghraib was blamed on a few bad apples, the appropriate response was hysterical laughter; and when Indonesian President (General) Yudhoyono says the torture seen in the videos recently smuggled from Papua is the work of a few bad apples, the appropriate response is hysterical laughter. People who can laugh generally have a better appreciation of reality.

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