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Thousands of Classified Reports on the Afghanistan War Leaked

An extensive series of previously classified reports on the Afghanistan war effort titled the Afghan War Diary (AWD) has been made public by the website WikiLeaks. 

The NYT, Guardian and Der Spiegel were leaked the reports several weeks ago.  Each has spent the past month analyzing the reports and writing articles with their key deductions.  According to the New York Times editors' note:
The articles published today are based on thousands of United States military incident and intelligence reports — records of engagements, mishaps, intelligence on enemy activity and other events from the war in Afghanistan — that were made public on Sunday on the Internet. The New York Times, The Guardian newspaper in London, and the German magazine Der Spiegel were given access to the material several weeks ago. These reports are used by desk officers in the Pentagon and troops in the field when they make operational plans and prepare briefings on the situation in the war zone. Most of the reports are routine, even mundane, but many add insights, texture and context to a war that has been waged for nearly nine years.
The NYT, Guardian and Der Spiegel have all vetted the reports and come to the conclusion that the material is authentic. 

You can download the full set of reports from the WikiLeaks website, here.

New York Times coverage is found here.
Guardian coverage here.
Der Spiegel coverage here.


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Pat Patterson on :

And like the Pentagon Papers there is absolutely nothing in these documents that haven't been available from hundreds of other sources for almost ten years. But the leak itself is now the issue not what was leaked. How many are gobsmacked that there are elements in Pakistani government, the new clean one, that see support for the Taliban more important then supporting the US.

Joe Noory on :

As with the NYT, I guess that's their way to "support the troops": get them killed by publishing classified and FOUO documents.

Pat Patterson on :

What is the reaction in Germany? Germany does still have troops in Afghanistan and they should be rightly concerned, I've read more, that some Afghans are clearly identified by name as well as new tactics, about these leaks which could cause more casualties.

Zyme on :

Honestly what is going to change? This is not what is going to waste our efforts. If the operation ends, it will end the same way it would have ended like had these documents not become public, right?

Joerg Wolf on :

"What is the reaction in Germany?" Some concern about Task Force 373, but not much. And relief that the leaked documents don't reveal much about Germany. And the usual expressions of shock about how bad Afghanistan is, followed by calls for withdrawal.

Marie Claude on :

After McChrystall scandal... whaat's next ? looks like the American population wants really that their troops come home ! not a question of "left" or "right-wingers", I have been reading such wishes from the laters, Afghanistan isn't a cause that they still see sustainable, but Obama has made his focus on this war, so !

Marie Claude on :

Pat Patterson on :

What McChrystal scandal? Once the aticle came out virtually no one spoke in his favor. And he as very unpopular within the ISAF as well as his own troops.

Marie Claude on :

a few weeks ont the first pages on the MSM, not a banal event, quand mme !

David on :

The WikiLeaks documents have accelerated the calls in Germany for immediate withdrawal of the Bundeswehr. For the past 3 year, the Left Party was demonized for making this demand, but it has now become a mainstream position. See the Spiegel editorial I linked to in the sidebar: "The German government, NATO and the West shouldn't wait that long. Together they should realize -- and admit -- that the war in Afghanistan is not going to end in success. We have failed. The war has been lost. The country that we leave behind will not be pacified. It is possible that we could have been successful had we understood earlier how the country works. But now, we are no longer a part of the solution -- increasingly, we have become part of the problem. It is best just to leave now, before additional blood is spilled. The secret war logs given by WikiLeaks to SPIEGEL confirm as much."

Joe Noory on :

I don't think the neo-SED (Die Linke), still burdened with their crestfallen feelings of the Soviets leaving Afghanistan, could ever tolerate any sort of success occuring there. Junge Welt, (a.k.a. Rote Pfanne) must be excited by the prospect of failure, violence, and a return to power of an autocratic theocracy that stones woment for wearing pants. They'd pull out any stale old shop-worn allegation if they think it will get the kids on their side. Here's one that's almost [url=]old enough to collect a pension[/url].

Pat Patterson on :

The meme alternates wildly between nothing new to see and the other extreme of proof of war crimes. But aside from the dozens of laws that Wikileaks broke there is now, ignored by Wikileaks, evidence that the Taliban are reading over the documents not only to study US and ISAF tactics but also to target and kill anyone cooperating with those two groups plus the Karzai government.

Pamela on :

This is the kind of thing that just makes me bang my forehead on the keyboard. Wikeleaks, the NYT, etc. - all this was perfectly predictable - because the U.S. military is stupid enough to allow access to classified material by a soldier openly hostile the the U.S. and its military endeavors. And whether or not you agree with the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy regarding homosexuals who openly practice as such, this Manning guy most certainly did and should have been kicked out for that alone. Don't like the rules, don't join the club.

Pat Patterson on :

Hey, you also left out my favorite unreliable sites. Global Research, Alternet and Common Dreams.

David on :

"homosexuals who openly practice as such, this Manning guy most certainly did and should have been kicked out for that alone." Who do the right-wingers hate more? Gays or Muslims? Hard to say....

Pat Patterson on :

Probably just the ones who betray their country and fly passenger jets into office buildings. But then I haven't kept up on when the US started hanging homosexuals from cranes or placing bombs inside the mosques of one of the different sects of Islam.

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